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I just got my membership renewal e-mail .

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Originally posted by 97BossHammer
I'll have my gold star soon prepare me a seat at the table, I'm moving up gents.
Well, we'll hold a place for you!!

I also think this gets me to 400!? Crap, I never thought I'd make it! 12,000 more and I'll be nipping on the heels of Audio and Trout!
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Originally posted by OffshoreOnly
Bandwidth is a little over $2,000 per month..

All memberships are active, enjoy and thank you for the support.
You say you do 300 gigs per month and you're paying 2k plus? Yikes .... WHY?

For that little bandwidth you should be on a monthly plan NOT a 95% plan or a dedicated Mbps plan. Unless you have some spikes that shoot past 100Mbps ... which I doubt you do.
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Originally posted by wwwTOPDJcom
Hey How many more years do the Charter members got
before they have to start paying again
Yeah....inquiring minds want to know........
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Originally posted by formula31
I'm real happy for those of you who are doing well financially. I'd guess there are quite a few of us who are living on a shoestring and supporting our old crappy boats by making other sacrifices. Many of us HAVE to work on our own boats, whether we like it or not. Have I gotten value from this site? sure. Did I gladly pay the $25 for it when it happened? yup. Did I donate to the HTM crash and various other causes? yup. Do I spend $50 drinking? You bet. But, paying for a web site right now is one of the expenses I wont spend until I have an engine back together. My priorities have to go to my boat first. I seem to remember a thread long ago on incomes but Id wager that a lot of us fit the "scraping by as best we can" bill. If this site evolves to only include the 6 figure and above crowd, so be it.
F31, I'm sorry that the extra $25 is to big a burden
to bear for you. I guess in my mind $50 is such
a small amount of money for the wealth of Knowlage
and pleasure I get from OSO. I just can't believe
anyone who enjoys it, wouldn't pay it. Nowadays a
night at the movies is $50. How much money would
you loose,over spending on parts,or not knowing
how to do something on your boat ? When I first
joined the board I asked a tech question on a stripped
hinge pin. The next thing I knew, a member gave me
my answer & sent me his Helicoil kit & Pilot to do the
job. NO CHARGE! That, alone saved me $200.
Last month I bought a factory Fountain carpet from
Tunnelvision for $220. Saved me $400. right there!
The list goes on & on. Sorry man, but in todays money,broke or not, $50. is a very small amount of
money for all you get from OSO.
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epeek - you hit the nail on the head. I've been telling myself for so long that I'm going to hold out until I can't post anymore. I'd really like to go for the $50 membership just because of the DVD.....need to think of a way to pass that by the wife without her griping too much......lets see now

1. it's for parts for the boat
2. ???
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I agree with epeek. This site has paid me back in info 10 times over, make that 100 times over in just reading the topics. Not counting the money saved on parts.

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