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Originally posted by KLATU
If it is on the way south it is probably sitting inside of a prefab home at a 22.5 degree angle . mathmaticaly that would work . Don,t laugh ! It could happen
This is EXACTLY what I was thinking!!
Sean Stinson also has a good idea.
I bet this is on its way overseas as we ...type...
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OK my guess is that it will be found within 100 miles of where it was stolen with the whole back chain sawed out and the rest striped off. I think it was some local retards, if they were pros they would have waited for the power to be put in.
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what i dont understand is how it could happen.
a 1/2 million dollar boat just gets dragged off there facility? dont they have security in place to prevent this from happening? cameras , guard dogs , rasor wire , electric fence , security guards?

guess whos insurance will go up because of this?

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I hope it was not my wife?

That is the first cat she has ever liked! She was telling people about it again just yesterday.

If I see them, I will catch them and the only reward I need is a ride in that bad boy!

I'm sure who ever took it will be driving it like they stole it!

Hope they catch the LLFB.
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That is correct, it will effect all of our insurance.

We have just sent an e-mail to all OSO Members concerning this, hope you all understand the urgency and do not look at this as an abuse of our e-mail list or spamming in any way.

We feel that if caught perhaps this will send the word out to the crooks of the world that we will all hunt them down and the number of places to hide are limited.

Thank you for your time.
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As of 10:03 i have not recieved any email, so r you sure you sent it out to everybody????, my email is in my profile tooand i do not think this is abuse....this is power used in a good way...catch those evil-doers

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Enjoy the show
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No email from OSO either. No spam filter either.
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The system is sending out over 30,000 e-mails. Some people have their settings not to receive e-mails from admins. If so, they will not get it.
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Knowing that it's illegal to tow an oversize load at night and getting caught are 2 different things, I have been with a 36 skater getting towed from Washington state to California quite a few times while towing my boat and actually towed it down and back once, no license plate on trailer(unregistered) been pulled over for speeding(luckily I wasn't driving at the time) twice with no wide load signs and we were never hassled about being oversize. I think law enforcement is worried about other things.
It's amazing what you can get away with if you just do it.

In saying that though I sure hope they catch these guys, where is that rope anyhow

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got my email.

if it happens to come through my area, i'll T-Bone that tow vehicle
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