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Which CC do you guys think is the best for all around fishing and family cruising

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Default Which CC do you guys think is the best for all around fishing and family cruising

Total Marine is thinking of taking on a CC line, I just sent off for some info on Concept boats. Which other boat co. do you feel has the same or better quality.
The other lines that we are looking at are :
Boston Whaler

and Cats :
Renaissance Marine-Prowler
World Class Cats

Please let us know your thoughts, and the reasons why you picked that model, Thanks Jeff Jassby
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With the new and interesting changes at Dakota/Sonic, I liked what I saw at the Miami Boat Show this year. Its been a while since the merger and I bet they have most of the company merge kinks out by now.

I am not sure why Offshore Performance does not appear to carry Monza anymore, but OP always spoke very highly of their products, and the one in the booth I helped them represent was built very well.

Concept does have superior rigging, and hull lines and molds that go way back in performance boating. They seem to have the grasp on folks switching from performance V-bottom boats to performance center console OBs.

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One of the best "real" fish boats i've been on is the 33' Hydra-sports, great platform and well built, but it ain't no Hotrod, fat and wide.

The ride, speed and fun quotient changes as the boats get wider and the console moves forward for fishing room, especially when it gets choppy.
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If you want a fish boat....Grady White
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Intrepid, Awsome boat. You have to buy used or wait 18-22 months, but Jeff the way you trade boats that might be a good thing cause you won't lose too much. Great all around boat with lots of seating. If you want a performance boat go with the Concept like Wickedtwo but you got performance covered in EW. I wish Concept would copy the seating arrangement of Intrepid, face it these narrow beam center console boat aren't the best fish boats they rock too much and are much better on the move. Bring on the Hybrids I think its the next move in performance boats.
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A CC will definitely be our next boat- I have been researching them for two years now.........
We want one that will do ALL things well; fish, entertain, and have performance and looks that won't make you feel like you've made the step towards Geritol.....
Monza had a superior product spawned from the old Cig wide-body molds. Famed throttleman Richie Powers was in charge, and they were awesome boats. I think they have either closed doors, or have been sold to a less passionate party.
Concepts are great performance-looking boats with a lot of flash, great management and build quality. But when you are looking for something that goes beyond that, they fall short in beam, which is a MUST for making these boats win in ALL the categories. I know I'll get some arguments here, but they're not a fish boat, and without the beam, they are not going to make it there no matter how you equip it. Not on my list.
Yellowfin- great performance but no performance looks. Definitely a fish boat. Same with HydraSports and Grady and all the others. They cater to the fishing crowd and are great if that is what you want.
Little known but a consideration is Panama City's Glasstream. Their 28 will go damn near 80 with a pair of 250's, and their beamy 32 is well into the 70's with the same. They have a single-step hull very similar in design to Harry Schoell's AVH. The hull seems to be well built, they were very nice at the show. A lttile lacking in rigging and hardware quality, but these are areas that can easily be improved on, and their prices are the lowest in the class. Close to you guys too, Jeff.
Carrera and Manta are definitely at the top of the class for all-around best custom V-bottom CC's. They have the beam, build quality, racing heritage and dedication from their builders. The Manta rivaled or passed the PowerPlay as the straightest boat at the show. Tom Greco sells a lot of boats to Florida law enforcement and boat charter folks as well as tournament SKA fishermen. It was interesting that a lot of people (even from other mfg's) quietly steered me towards their display just to check the boat out. It lived up.
The Carrera is just plain awesome as well. The freeboard is just nuts in these boats, which is a prerequisite for me. They also have great performance-boat looks. They are on the short list, and should be on yours for a dealership.

I haven't looked at and don't know squat about the cats, so I won't comment..........
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I agree you can fish off a Concept but it's not a fish boat.
It is a great all around boat that covers a lot of (choppy) territory in a quick, comfortable fashion. Last month it was pretty choppy and we ran by a 32 Intrepid, later the guy came over to me and asked how fast we were going, I said about 60mph, he just walked around the boat for 15 minutes

If you are used to HP Sportboats it's VERY HARD to accept the "real" fishboat ride characteristics, when it gets a little choppy those guys slow down, we're not used to that.
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Great quality from a family owned company,
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Jeff~ Tough to be everything to everyone, buuuuut... I am looking at these very boats as my next boat, primarily to keep me from having to buy a Cobalt - as this is my wifes new idea. With our first baby soon to be on the way, she is thinking about the family aspect of boating, yada-yada. Plus I am liking the idea of a couple of egg-beaters on the transom, low maintenance and all. I have looked at Concepts 30 and Panteras 28, and am leaning toward the Pantera, high quality and very unique. But for a full line, I think that the Concept has it covered, (love WickedWons 33)! As a performance shop I would think that you guys would want more of a cross-over boat, and I think that the Concept would fit the mold (no pun intended) in quality, performance and style. I also like the Intrepid, great boat and full line, but as mentioned, long wait for them for new. Whaler is a Whaler, but now you are talking about a totally different breed of boater.

So, that's my .02 - good luck in your search - and good luck with your new ride!! She is SCHWEEEEEEEEEET!
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