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Protection against speeding tickets

Old 04-19-2004, 07:43 PM
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Originally posted by JROMY
Check some of Car and Driver's laser jammer reviews. With a dark car with low reflective area in the front (ie. Corvette with no front plate) the laser jammers made the car basically invisible. Even with say a pickup truck with chrome vertical grille and license plate, the jammer cut the distance in half that the cop could clock you. The jammers aren't cheap - but seem worth the money (especially since I passed 4 troopers running laser this afternoon from Stamford to Hartford)! Stay away from radar jammers - the good ones were all taken off the market due to being illegal and the ones that are still for sale do not work.
The passport is 1000$ for the kit.
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do not believe anything you read about radar jammers working. I have bought and tested every radar jammer there is with a police car, even the $2,500.00 ones did not work.(but they did set off everyones radar detectors which was fun). I have been to the guy that owns most of the radar jammer companys house it is just an hour from me, and when i was there he told me that if he put a rock in a plastic box and sold it for 200 and told you it jammed radar that he would only get 5% of them back. that should tell you something.

now for the real life stuff. if you are getting hit by lazer you can get a bunch of halogen off road lights and put black abs plastic over them to where the visible light is not seen, it will reduce the length they can radar you from. I have tested this with 4 160 wattt lights on a little car it reduced the radar range to about 150'.

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Old 04-19-2004, 09:18 PM
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...I follow the speed limits on land...and when in big water...I "own" the joint...I hear what you are saying but I need a clean record for good insurance rates etc...what I find at work is that if you CAN go 200miles a day...they will expect that...and if you follow the limits plus 4 over...they will get used to that too...
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Radar detectors and laser jammer, properly used, work wonders. If you lead the road a radar detector hit by instant on is useless. If you are running second in line, you will be notified of radar. Being notified of radar is half the battle. Even if you just got clocked, and your speed was read, you may change route or exit highway.

For laser, a product called the Blinder does work. I run one in my car and have sold many to big time speeders. Typically, a laser trap will win against any detector as the range of laser is too short to detect and slow down. The Blinder effectively reduces clocking range to allow you too see the obvious which is usually a group of cars scattered off the road and a uniformed group of officers writing tickets.

I sell Escort Passports as well as K40 and Blinder. Not to say no one gets a ticket with a detector or diffuser, it is still a tool needed to help speeders minimize tickets. If any OSO member needs a deal or advice call (813)882-8477.

Andy Buzz
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Old 04-19-2004, 10:52 PM
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wildthing, we have cc machines in ours.
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drive w/ your high beams on during the day cuts the laser distance down some
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My Valentine One has saved me at least a hundred and fifty tickets. Have owned since they first came out and still have not picked up a speeding ticket.

(I did however get nailed for my registration being 22 days over, remember Troutly????? )
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My distributer for electronic gagets sells all those jammer things and of course I had to have one ...... He told me not to waiste my money ! He actualy builds a couple of them and suplies all the major police departments in the tri state area so I geuss he knows something .....

The bright lights is an interesting idea or the offroad lights covered ???

A good radar detector , a watchful eye , and a cb radio with a good antenna is all I can figure out . KNOCK ON WOOD ....... I have been saved hundreds of times !!!

You can get a nice compact cb that just plugs into cigarette lighter and a good magnet mount cb antenna so you can use it in any vehicle . I have always been a cb freak ! And now I sell them to . Mostly custom stuff though ..... An average cb puts out 3-4 watts by law Mine do between 30-100 watts . Of course my 1000 watt "linear" amplifier helps you stand out in the croud !! It seams you get more respect with a little more power . For a nice little cb , radio shack, uniden, or cobra make nice ones . $50-$60 . Get a good antenna ,that is important ! A nice magnet mount on the roof or trunck works great . I like "Willson" or K40 stainless antennas You will need one that is about 3-4 feet tall to hear anything going on .The short ones don't work well at all . Depending on the vehicle you may hear a little ringing sound if you use the stainless antenna .Especialy in the rain . It is the rain hitting the metal antenna . A good fiberglass one works good too but it is top heavy and may fall over in heavy wind unless you get the HUGE magnet base . It also looks funny !

If you do get a custom cb with all the noise toys in it , Don't use them to annoy people !!! Somone will pull you over and beat you to death !!

If there are any other ideas , lets hear them .....
I'm heading out to hook up some off road lights now !
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Old 04-20-2004, 12:14 AM
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Hey Boot, I tried to pm you but your mailbox is full. I offroad alot so I'm looking for a powerful tweaked system w/o amps, etc...Preferably, a hand held. I had a Ranger ham that was tweaked to Cb but sold it w/ my old truck. If you have anything, I can take a swing down. I'm in Bridgewater. Ric
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Old 04-20-2004, 01:37 AM
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My Valentine One has kept my name off many traffic tickets as well from lasers too. The only thing that I hate about it is that the laser warning goes off if I'm behind a new Trail Blazer or other same make GMC. It happens only when they apply their brakes. Any other V1 owners have this problem?

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