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Protection against speeding tickets

Old 04-20-2004, 10:04 AM
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Originally posted by robyw1
My Valentine One has kept my name off many traffic tickets as well from lasers too. The only thing that I hate about it is that the laser warning goes off if I'm behind a new Trail Blazer or other same make GMC. It happens only when they apply their brakes. Any other V1 owners have this problem?

I`ve noticed the same thing with mine. I can also check it with the remote control for my stereo.
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Old 04-20-2004, 10:13 AM
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I found an answer, copied from V1 website:

Red neon is occasionally used for the CHMSL (Center High Mounted Stop Lamp) on new cars. We know of these models: GM Trailblazer and Envoy, the Lincoln Mk VIII and the latest BMW 3-series convertible.

These lights use a neon-plasma light source. The red lens allows red visible light to pass, and also invisible energy near infrared. The source is powered by a pulsating voltage on a frequency that happens to be similar to the repetition rate of legitimate laser-gun pulse trains. In other words, the CHMSLs have an invisible energy leakage thatís nearly identical to the beam used by traffic laser. If we suppress the interference, weíre likely to damage laser sensitivity.

If youíre really bothered by this interference, you can disable V1ís laser reception.
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Valentine One!
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Troutly that's weak! Come on and shed a little of your trooper wisdom on the topic...
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Perhaps we'll see that wisdom in the OSO Uncensored area pickled in between the "other posts"
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OK how would some of you deal with this, I work a night shift job, I leave work at midnight, and travel mostly back roads. I get stopped by the police on avg. every other month for something stupid. Last time I did not turn down my high beams. Most of the time they give me a verbal warning, after asking if I have been drinking. This gets old real fast.
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Old 04-20-2004, 08:38 PM
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Their looking for a DUI. Ive been pulled over for "Attempted curfew violation" 5 min before curfew, cop followed me with his LIGHTS OFF (New years eve). Pulls me over literally 10 feet from the county line.

Me and a friend were pissed. They searched my truck, took the flashlight in my emergency kit (claimed criminal tool) and 3 pocket knives (under 6" blade). Wasnt charged with anything.
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Fat daddy, The hand helds cb's are terrible unless the other guy is within sight . You can't boost them either. Actualy you can ,but yoru 9 volt battery would last about 1/3 of a second !! If you want good power like the "ham" radios (thats high powered to those that don't know ) , I realy like the Galaxy 77 or 99. They are are SUPER strong and loud !! They do have a lot of other features you pay for but they will scream out ! Around $300 or so .Trucks stops sell them for 400-500.

I don't stock cb's .I order them because they are very custom units that i use. I do have a case of "Linears" (amps to add on the cb) 300 watts !!

SS930, The hand held cb's are lame ! A good one will cost you $100 or so and take 9 or 12 AA bateries that will last only a couple hours . Some of them can take an external antena but not a good one . Since you will need to run it off a power cord anyway, get a small cb for $40-$60 with a cigarette lighter plug and just lay it on the seat next to you . And hook it to a good antenna . (IN THEORY) >The perfect antenna would be 8-1/2 feet tall with a 6" spring giving a full 1/4 wavelength ground-plane antenna at CB frequencies . Full-length whips have better reception and a fairly low angle of radiation (transmission) for a 1/4 wave ground-plane antenna (meaning more power pointed along the surface of the earth where receiving radios are located, instead of up in the sky). HOWEVER, full-length (9 feet tall) 1/4 wave whips are seldom practical... especially in the woods.

To put it in simple terms you need 9 feet of antena to work the best. NO ,it wil not actualy be 9 feet ! The good stainless antennas will only be 3-4 feet tall but will have a plastic Pod at the base . That pod has several feet of wire coil in it to act like a longer antenna .And the fiberglass ones have the plastic coating which you can see the wire run under it wrapped around the antenna . RAdio frequencies travel in wave legnths . The perfect antenna is 1/4 wave legnth. usualy 3-4 feet tall, with wire wrapped or a base pod.

The simplest system is a cheap cb plugged into the cig. lighter ,laying on the seat ,that is hooked to a 3-4 foot magnet mount antenna on the roof or the trunk . IT will work great .
You don't have to have big power to listen . But you get much better results if you ask where the cops are instead of just listening for the info. Truckers talk to other truckers .If you are out there in your car they may not tell you about the cop hiding right in front of you .You have to ask !

IF you want more power output ,you need a "BIG RADIO" That means a more powerful one then legal . Power mics help very little . the radio itself must be modified for more power ,or bought that way to realy work well . You can add a "linear " which is an amplifier, but it gets real complicated to do it right and not burn up your cb or your car ! (much more complicated then a sterio amp ) !

Legal power is 4 watts . A typical "BIG radio " runs 20- 100 watts !! Thousands of watts can be added with linears and $$$ . But amperage draw will limit most cars to 200-300 watts . Linears and big radios are technicaly illegal but the FCC has stopped chasing them years ago ....
If any of you deside to get into big powered cb radios ,be careful what you buy ,how it is hooked up , and where it radiates ! Antennas give off radiation . You see the guy with the mirror mounted antenna with the big plastic pod about in his face, in the window? Well that pod radiates bad waves into your brain ! Stock cb's dont' matter much but when you get the high powered ones , It is frying more brain cells then a week end at party cove !!

Also the amperage draw ( high powered stuff)can get so high it can burn the computer out of your car . A guy I know in a tractor trailer didn't have his antenna grounded right on an aluminum door . He had about 700 watts and fried his $5000 engine computer !!
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Old 04-21-2004, 10:20 PM
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Hand held CB's suck!!!

I have a mounted CB unit with a 110" whip antennae in my truck...I have a hell of a range. The best thing to get in a car is a CB with some added power ...crystals etc. and a K40 type antennae that you can remove when you aren't using.

While CB's do work VERY well there is one MAJOR can only listen to so much mindless dribble before it's time to crank the stereo up
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Boot, thanks for the info.
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