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Special Thanks To Jacksonville/Bill Pyburn

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Default Special Thanks To Jacksonville/Bill Pyburn

June 7, 2004

Jacksonville 2004, Third Annual Firefighters Charity Poker Run

The run this year was another huge success. There was a total of 110 boats ranging in size from 20 Foot Baja Outlaws to 50 Foot Nortech Cats (Miss Nortech) and 50 Foot Nortech Vees (Spirited Lady).

A special thanks is owed to Bill Pyburn and all the board members, the Jacksonville Fire Fighters and the City of Jacksonville by all of us who attended this event.

There is nowhere in the country that you are taken care of like they do in Jacksonville and receive so much back for money you spend. It is the best Poker Run value in the nation!

Judy and Noel from “Hot Boat Magazine” were there to cover the event. We had the pleasure of having them on our boat Thursday back from St. Augustine and they are super people. Also Amy from “Baja Magazine was in attendance and Baja let nice gift bags on all the Baja boats there which included t-shirts, hats, and a copy of the latest magazine.

Steve Stepp with Velocity was back with a large showing of Velocity boats. Reggie Fountain was back with a Fountain race boat and several people from Baja were there with a very special 33 Outlaw running over 90 miles per hour.

Starting Thursday night we had the pre-party at Ronnie’s Wings in Green Cove. Had to go by car do to a very heavy thundershower that rolled through Jacksonville late in the afternoon. They had a room reserved just for the Poker Run and I counted 38 people there. The band was awesome, food was good and everyone had a very nice time.

Friday morning the sun was back out and a large group of boats left Jacksonville for St. Augustine at 10AM. Approximately 15 boats ran the outside down in very calm seas and another 6 to 8 ran the ICW down. A very nice treat was “Snake Eyes” making the turn into St. Augustine up from Daytona about the same time we arrived.

Everyone was seated and had ordered lunch when the bottom fell out of the sky at St. Augustine. The boats got covered, but also many of the people the ran out also got covered by rain. We did not let this bother us in any way. There was no rush, the ride down was great and the food and conversation even better. About an hour and a half went by and the rain had turned into a light drizzle. We called Jacksonville and it was clearing up that direction and the pack fired up the engines for the ride back. Much to my surprise several wanted to ride back on the inside, but Dock Holiday lead a large group back out the inlet and we had a super ride back and were about to get good pictures and video. The 42 MTI “Snake Eyes” put on a good show for all of us slow boats on the return trip!

Upon our return the marine had really came to life! There were hundreds of people there, the roar of excitement was in the air. The beer trailer was operating in full force with all the free beer you wanted and the great people of “Fast Boyz Wings” provided the best wings and fixins you have every had, all free of charge!

Later that evening the group walked from the Adams Mark Hotel over to the “Landing” to get our goodies and boat number for the Poker Run. They really fixed us up with a very nice duffle bag, the nicest t-shirts I have ever received on a poker run and many other very nice items. They went out of their way to do up “COLOR” maps that were clearly marked with all the card stops and marina’s, emergency numbers, etc.

There are many restaurants there at the Landing that circle the square and two outside bars set up. The Poker Run had provided a band for everyone’s entertainment and it was a long day, but a real fun day.

The next morning the sun was out again and there was excitement in the air. I was up at 6AM and we had to run over to Arlington Marina and fill up with fuel for the poker run. Around 8AM the docks were coming to life. Boats being uncovered, cleaned and even racing fuel being brought down in 55 gallon drums for some of the big boys!

There was juice and donuts provided for everyone and free bottled water to take with you on the run.

The Captain’s meeting started promptly at 9AM and like the rest of the event was very organized. The Mayor of Jacksonville spoke as did Reggie Fountain and Steve Stepp.

Then came the famous words “Gentlemen Start Your Engines”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our fist card stop paraded the entire fleet right by the Adams Mark and the Landing with hundreds of onlookers waving!

We came out from under the train bridge and in short time the water cannons from the fire boat started the event. It was a safe start and an awesome scene with 110 boats all coming to life at once!
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Default Re: Special Thanks To Jacksonville/Bill Pyburn


The card stops were well thought out and very organized to keep the flow of boats smooth. Everyone received three card hands to play, but if you went all the way to Gator Landing you received an extra two hands! I would say about half the fleet made the 75 mile run all the way South and it was a beautiful run. It really gave the big cats a chance to stretch out have some fun!

In the front groups of the v-bottoms where our friends Dan & Keith from Myrtle Beach in the Cig Gladiator, Randy, Tracy and son Josh in the 38 Fountain from our club, and a new friend Robbie in the AWESOME Baja 33 Outlaw running 90 MPH named “Crayola Crazy”. We were not the fastest, but Dock Holiday hung pretty close to the first group!

Then it was time for the lunch stop that everyone is waiting for. The World Famous “Outback Crab Shack”! They have a dock over 1200 feet long down in the swamp and the best low country broil you have ever had! I could tell that everyone was having a good time and enjoying themselves!

We stopped a short time at the end of the dock to get our picture made with the Baja guys for the next issue of the magazine which we are very excited about!

Then it back to Jacksonville. The helicopter coverage for us anyway was much better this year. They picked us up before the lunch stop and ran close for about a mile and then we received more coverage just as we came into Jacksonville.

Stu Jones with the Florida Powerboat Club was also in attendance and rode in the helicopter taking still pictures which he is selling as a package.

Many of the guys went ahead and loaded their boats on the trailers at the end of the run and some went and tied off at the Landing.

Everyone was pumped and tired at the same time. It was a good day for all but a few that had broken down. If I heard correctly I think five boats broke and did not finish the run.

The entire upstairs at the Landing was reserved for our party that night. They had a band playing, the food was very good and the bar was working overtime! Everything was free except for your drinks.

The big screen played last years DVD of the run, then they started to show us the coverage from that days run, along with the still pictures that Stu had shoot.

Then the time came to “PLAY POKER”! There were six tables set up and the excitement shifted to the cards. We were hearing of many good hands and it was hard to tell what it was going to take to win.

First prize was a new Harley Davidson motorcycle, then a 48 Inch big screen television, $500.00 cash and there were MANY other nice prices and awards given away.

No one won the 25 Baja Outlaw which required a Royal Flush, but a very nice young man from the Jacksonville Performance Powerboat Club took the Harley Davidson home with an Ace high flush.

After the party rapped up a large group of about 40 to 50 showed up in the bar at the hotel to upwind!

It was a GREAT event. I personally cannot thank Bill Pyburn and all of those who worked so hard on this event. It was a good time for Team Dock Holiday and in my opinion the BEST POKER RUN on the Southeast bar none!

God Bless America

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Default Re: Special Thanks To Jacksonville/Bill Pyburn

Does anyone have any pictures yet to post?

I hope to get all of mine online tonight!
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Default Re: Special Thanks To Jacksonville/Bill Pyburn

Dock, that was a great review...and I second that its a great event. Thanks Bill and all who helped put it together.
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Default Re: Special Thanks To Jacksonville/Bill Pyburn

I think Doc did a great job covering the weekend. I had a blast on the run Saturday! Thanks to everyone that helped organize weekend. Already looking forward to next year
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Default Re: Special Thanks To Jacksonville/Bill Pyburn

the best poker run i have ever been on thank you bill
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Default Re: Special Thanks To Jacksonville/Bill Pyburn

This is a must do poker run for next year. A special thanks to the event crew from boat #30 (39 MTI) Bill Mazzoni
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Default Re: Special Thanks To Jacksonville/Bill Pyburn

Great run
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Default Re: Special Thanks To Jacksonville/Bill Pyburn

I didnt make this one... I was up at the glenn sunday waiting for people to show up for the fun run, and well... no one did! Sup wit dat? hehe...

Bill, I have some nice shots of you running the cat in Daytona.. Give me your email address and I will send them to you.
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Default Re: Special Thanks To Jacksonville/Bill Pyburn

Doc WOW! Nice post.
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