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We are Woman hear us roar! With big power!

Old 06-09-2004, 12:51 PM
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Default Re: We are Woman hear us roar! With big power!

Find an old beater single engine fixer upper and start to learn. Danny Mac is always willing to take the time to explain his rigging, as long as you keep paying him to rig. Then go bump into the docks for a few hours on a slow day at the dunes. After that, go out in the open ocean and learn to navigate and negotiate waves. When you think you have it down, pick a full moon night and go learn to throttle "By Feel". Polish your docking and trailering skills and progressively move up in boat size and engine power. Learning to run an offshore boat is something done step by step.
You will be outrunning Jeff in no time (Did I mention bumper placement while getting up on plane?).
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Default Re: We are Woman hear us roar! With big power!

I wish i could find a girl that was as enthusiastic about driving and doing the maintenance on the boat, i would teach her in a heart beat then i wouldn't always have to be the responsible one
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Default Re: We are Woman hear us roar! With big power!

Originally Posted by Wasabe

I know I would love to learn about the engine and the dodads. I would like to know how to fix some minor issues. I will learn whatever to make me a better boating companion.

I have to install one of my drives, anti-siphon valves, electric fuel pumps, new lines, replace the exhaust baffle solenoid, etc. and dial everything in. Time helping = wheel (stick?) time. Wanna help?
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Default Re: We are Woman hear us roar! With big power!

i say all the ladies need to know how to drive,,
Its a safety issue,
if u allways have someone else then that is great but we like to at times go out the two of us and if i checked out or something happened she could at least get us back. i love that my wife can sail / drive / ride motorcycles whatever.she is 4.11, 98 lbs and its funny how guys just dont expect it from a petit blond,,
she usualy doesnt drive as she isnt that comfortable with it and she seems to prefer to ride but she knows she can if she would have to.
and that is a good thing. if i want to have some drinks she can get us home and be the designated driver.
my oldest daugher is going to be 15 and i will ensure she can drive boats bikes etc better than the boys, i dont want some testoteroned out young punk drivin her around, i want her to drive with confidence,
my o2..

wasabe u go girl!!! i thnk its great, learn it run it enjoy it. u can be designated driver too.. then your husband can have some cocktails and be the hood ornament,, doh bad thought there///
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Default Re: We are Woman hear us roar! With big power!

Originally Posted by KLAATU
Glassdave - You got to race a bat with Dina ? Now that would be fun !I'm jealous .
yea, we had a great time and it was alot of fun racing with her. my only regret was not being able to make it to the awards banquet.(i'm still get'n heat from RonP for that one ) i race in OneDesign several time a year and it is a great place to start. hope to be in SVL some day but for now i am learning the ropes in a Bat.

wasabe . . . seek an you shall find. just by the fact you are willing to ask the questions tells me you are willing to learn. take your time and before long you will be on your way. once you have developed confidance it is pretty easy. good luck an be safe
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Default Re: We are Woman hear us roar! With big power!

One of the coolest things I ever did was take a community college course called "Outboard Marine 101". I was still in high school at the time.

Each student had to pull apart a 150 outboard and put it back together, following the manual and diagrams.
That was a ton of fun!

The downside was the class was full of old salty fishermen.

Check your community college and see if they have a beginners marine maintenance class - I'll bet they do! Good luck!
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Default Re: We are Woman hear us roar! With big power!

I have noticed that a certain gladiator driving, hatch blowing, bumper bouncing, gas forgetting, addictive Internet site starting boyfriend has yet to chime in with his thoughts?
You can only imagine the dinner table conversation with these two love birds tonight.
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Default Re: We are Woman hear us roar! With big power!

I will add to what Bill has said (and next time I told him I would be more than happy to get in there, just tell my what to do and what I am looking at...the only way to learn, RIGHT!!??)

... it is true that I have learned a lot over the past seven years of boating. Bought my first boat in 1997, a 1997 Baja 240 Sport. This was the best thing I ever did! Then went with the 1988 41 Sonic...not the best decision I ever made (the situation not the boat) and learned a lot then as well. I have been able to diagnose a few simple things (including a time when my ex- tried to sabatoge the boat so I couldn't go out...taught him!). I have learned how to change the oil and changed the drive oil in the TSR drives myself (with a friend watching and directing me). That had to be the messiest I have ever oil from finger tips to elbows. But I would not give up that experience for anything.

The best advice I have, since there is no "classes" that women can take, all I do is watch, listen, learn, and help with tools (and keep the tools from being thrown in the water). This doesn't sound like much but Bill will explain to me what went wrong and why, how it works, and then what has to be done to fix it. I just become a sponge and think I have picked up a lot over the years...first with the Sonic, then the Black Thunder and now the Fountain. I may not be able to get very techincal with most guys, but I am pretty sure I know a lot more than most women. I love to drive and dock the boat but am still working with the Fountain...haven't mastered the inward turning prop yet...doesn't spin like the Sonic did. And Bill and I share the responsibility of getting the boat on the trailer.

I don't mean to be long winded but this is a great topic, Wasabe! I wish more guys were like Bill, that will take the time to explain the workings of the engines (and dodads). We are not necessarily just bow ornaments that bring the guys beer and clean up after you. I am just glad that Bill wants me to be a 50/50 partner on the boat.

Thanks for listening to this one female boaters opinion.

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Default Re: We are Woman hear us roar! With big power!

My girlfreind, Debbie, is like C Spray's. She keeps the boat immaculate. She handles all the trailer dutys at the ramp. Since we have been together, I have taught her how to run any boat we are in for the safety factor. In case I become incapacitated, she WILL be able to get us back to the dock. This includes knowing how to start, get up, run safely, and dock the boat. But I told her in case of an emergency, hell with docking it, run it straight up the ramp!

Usually the night before we go, she loads most of the things in the boat. In the mornings, she will check the oil and top it off if necesarry. Ask Formula Outlaw about my pit crew at the last poker run. He was handing out cards there. That was when I had a leaking cooling line and was constantly having to add oil. At that stop, I shut the engines while just off the dock, lifted the hatch and bs'd with him while Debbie and her daughter were both bent over the back seat checking and adding oil!

On that same poker run, I found the perfect speed and trim to where the boat would really run itself. I had never let her run the 302 in a poker run, or on the open sea for that matter. I slowed down and told her to take it to the next stop. She loved it! My boat has surface drives, so it takes a bit more getting used to. She handled it like a pro. When we got to the last stop, I put it in the slip. I wished I had just let her do it. She couldn't have looked any worse trying to back that thing in!
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Default Re: We are Woman hear us roar! With big power!

Would you like to be next? Could you stay sober long enough to complete the race? Just kidding Mike. What happened to you in Marathon, I never saw you and Ken said he didn't either?

Gl Dave, you were quite the sport to deal with me in Key West. And yes it's too bad you didn't make the awards, but lucky me I got to keep the trophy that's about half as big as I am! Looking forward to seeing you for OSS in November if not sooner. And tell Ron you'll make it up to him by racing this yr. and then not blowing off the awards.

John NY and BK, good advice from both of you!
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