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STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

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stupidest thing I have done while boating..
deciding I enjoyed it, ever since it has been expensive, hard on the liver, time consuming, the old happy fiberglass itchy scratchies, busted up knuckles from working on twins, sunburns, unintended swimming lessons..Im sure theres more....
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Default dark out and cold 24*

put boat in water nov,o8 in Maine tie boat to dock w/stern anchor out precede to bar for drinks and chow return to cabin start fire get real hot decide to get a beer, go onto the deck to retrieve a beer, say to self, Fn nice wax job, discover it is solid ice and frost almost head into the drink !
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#1: Ignored a weather report that said "Rapidly building seas in the middle Chesapeake Bay." My back still hurts when I remember that 3-hour slog.

#2: Believed a friend when he said "There's plenty of water depth there - just idle right through." It took me an hour to get all the sand out of the strainers and heat exchangers....
Retired! Boating full-time now.
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I made A 4' DOCK JUMP WITH A 3' DOCK LINE IN MY CLOthesE IN FRONT OF A HOT CHICK. That was embarrassing!
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The STUPIDIST thing I ever did was go boating with a bunch of guys that thought alcohol is more important than personal safety.
We were going to the airshow in Toronto and crossing the lake. The show starts in one hour (lots of time if you think about it...only 28 km to the other side) and twin engines, one gas frugal drunk who doesn't know how to drive a boat, two other beligerant drunks and seven cases of beer and bottles etc (booze) in the front of the cuddy. No life preservers, no anchor, no lines, two fenders, but oh yes ladies and genleman.....lot of alcohol! No horns no lights but we had awsome tunes with a mombo stereo that he spent all his money on. GPS was from the days of candlight and compasses in monocrome that he didn't know how to operate. (good thing I knew how to operate it but have you ever argued with a drunk about operating anything???)
Booze was mostly consumed in the two hour voyage across the lake at a wopping 17mph on one engine at 1800rpm...(never try to reason with a drink that two engines at operating range will move the boat more economically than one engine plowing through water like it was a bathtub!)
Oh I forgot to tell you that he also thought that Marina fuel was too expensive so he poured in six gascans of fuel into the boat before we left with a ****ty funnel and spilled a bunch not only in the marina, but all over the side of the boat!!!
Cigarette anybody?

We were late for the airshow and only saw the very end, where by this time the drunks were rowdy and the the cops almost came over and busted us all. (I was not drinking that day at all! There was only one other person on the ship of fools that was sober- my friend who was at least able to calm the captain down a bit)

Ok show ends and we head across the lake again. Drunk captian decides to swing the boat to and frow with us on deck at breakneck speeds (finally) with us hanging on for dear life to whatever was onthe deck including the empty fender holders held onto the rails with plastic tie straps. Oh by the way we were ordered up on deck to help the boat plane as all the weight would be upfront. He never took it over 2100rpm???WTF? Then he almost killed us all with his antics.

Then dickhead decides to stop the boat in the middle of the lake from full throttle to dead stop in five feet! He wants to go for a swim! Considering we all amoost went for a swim as we were practically thrown from the deck!

I have more but I won't bore you only to say I have never been so glad to see dry land!!!!!
I will only take my own boat out now and refuse to boat with alcoholics.

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Default stupidest

stupidest thing i have ever done was left the plug out of the blige....yeah i know,every boater has done that,but how many have done it in frount of a crowd?a big crowd.
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Jerry B
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This bothers me to think about it still after nearly 10 years.
I was getting ready to take my daughter and neice for a tube ride. We were in a small cove we like'ed to hang out in to watch the ducks come in and out. Not the feathery kind but those amphibious vehicles they take folks on water/land tours.
I had always known when they were comming down the ramp because they would honk their horn. This was the exception. They come in fast to give the passengers a thrill.
First of all I should not have been stoped in the position I was in. My tow rope was stretched directly across the path of this monster bearing down on us. I yelled at the girls to get out but they didnt understand. So I gunned the throttle to try and get out of the way. This pulled the girls right into the path just as they fell off the tube. We all watched in horror. One of the girls pushed themself of one side of it and the other did the same on the other side. Thank God no one was hurt. I got a good toung lashing by the driver which I deserved not to mention what I did to a bunch of people out trying to have a good time. I woke up many nights re living that event.

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left the plug out..... was 15-20 years ago.... had my girlfriend, buddy, two dogs, all loaded up for the first time out ever.... in my own boat. We were idling away from the boat ramp and the boat was filling with water.
My friend said did you put the plug in? I said what plug?

He found one somewhere, jumped in and put it in. I think the bilge pump ran for the next hour. I hope I never do that again!
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i didn't read all of these but not putting the plug in the boat was not fun for my wife....when she saw all the water in the bottom of the boat she freaked....she isn't a boat person....
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My first boat was cobbled together with pieces and parts and had a 1965 Evinrude 75hp monster motor on it. We launched the boat, I went to drop off the truck and trailer, my buddy went the bait store to get coffee, donuts, and bait and when we both met at the dock, we realized after seeing all if our gear floating that we had left 3 pugs out and the boat was sinking. I hurried and got the truck, backed it under the sinking boat, winched it up about half way and the winch strap broke and the water sloshed to the back and tipped the boat strait up in the air and bent the poor tralier in half. After tying what was left of the strap back on the bow eye we tried to get it back on the bent trailer and it tipped back down and bent the trailer back to it's original position,got the boat about 3/4 of the way back on and pulled it out. The boat was about 1/2 filled and it took about an hour to drain. No such thing as an electric bilge pump. We had the coffee and donuts while we waited, put the plugs back in, launched the boat again and went fishing.

Did the kill switch thing at a busy launch with a nicer boat for 1/2 an hour before my wife called me an idiot and pointed out that the kill switch was off.
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