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STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

Old 06-11-2004, 10:53 AM
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Default Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

i hit the same wake and nothing happend to me...

LMAO glad your ok put your nose up and rest it.
see ya out on the water.hopefully not in it..........
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Old 06-11-2004, 11:01 AM
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Default Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

who would have thought you needed a life-line jacket and tether while standing on the dock.. Must have been that damn steppd hull planking they used on the docks, that caused my wipe out.. : There I was just standing on the dock minding my own business when it just slipped out from under me without any warning...

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Default Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

1. Inviting someone on dads family to go for a ride.
2. After the bad experience, inviting the same person to come again.

First time, a wire behind the kill switch came loose, second the boat got a little too wet.... Thank god for insurance.
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Thumbs down Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

Letting my buddies fat wife take a piss down below on the porta potti.She was only used to waves of fat on her, not the waves in the water. Pissed all over the carpet. Should have made her go in the water, but did not have a crane on the boat to get her back in again.
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Default Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

I alluded to this incident once in an earlier thread but I may as well elaborate a bit.
Summer of 2000 and I had just hit Lake Erie with my latest Rice Hauler. A 2000 Single Step Top Gun.
I have a date with me and I am hoping to impress her and everyone else within eyesight with my matching cig shirt, swim shorts, windbreaker, shoes, towels, key floaters, etc. and oh yeah the boat too.
We head out to one of the major performance hot spots on Lake Erie's kelly's Island. The Casino Restaurant. The Casino has it's own boat basin and the front row is reserved only for Offshore performance boats. This is only my second or third time there but I am one of the newest Cig's and so nattily attired in matching shirt, shorts, and shoes, that they dock us up right in front with The outdoor tiki bar and restaurant looking down not 5 feet above us onto the GLEAMING nose of my newest expression of virility and boating prowess. At 5'8" and 170lbs. wet (yes this all is leading somewhere) I am a STUD as I cooly follow my date and walk off the boat and onto the dock.
I spend a relaxing day discussing the virtues of EVERYTHING Cigarette. She spends the day wishing I would just shut up already. As the afternoon wanes on I am sure that everyone within earshot now believes that I bleed Cig red and black, and could captain a boat to the moon if I so desired.
I decide that it is time to head for home and round up my date and as the assembled cocktail hour throng of people watch and listen,(it seemed like there were at least a couple of hundred there) I cooly tell her that proper boating etiquette DEMANDS that we walk across the other 2 two boats swim platforms that we are rafted too and then onto our waiting TOP GUN.
I casually follow her scantily clad bottom and instruct her to hand me the stern line.......
The next thought that I had was that the water was unusually cold and clear and I wonder to myself if anyone saw me go in. Hopfully not. Maybe I could just hold my breath underwater until they close for the night? Who would be the wiser. As I contemplate the relative merits of drowning vs. crawling out I unfortunately float to the surface and one of the attentive Dock Jocks reaches in and hauls me out to the uproar of the crowd and my date.
You really cannot leave quick enough after a stunt like that with all your coolness and panache washed off and lying at the bottom of the lake. The cold water squelching in your shoes and your shirt and windbreaker sticking to you. But the worst part is that at least once a year someone mentions that they were there and that it was one of the funniest things that they have ever seen. I just try and agree and hope that by next season they will have all forgotten.
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Default Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

Running out of gas and getting towed in by a pontoon boat rates pretty high.
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Default Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

Had the boat loaded with cocktails and girls and forgot the music in the truck at the launch.
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Default Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

running out of gas 30 feet from the gas dock, during a poker run, with the tide going out, and having to get towed in by fish and game.
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Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

In my early youth, when my "performance boat" was a 15' runabout with a weak 65hp Johnson outboard, I headed out in front of the entire family to take a ride. My stallion was docked ever so perfectly to illustrate just how competent this 10 year old boater was. Since old reliable always starts on the first try, I untied the ropes and shoved off. . .

Problem is, I stayed on the dock as if someone else was taking her out. Now I'm standing there watching my beauty float away from the dock and I quickly ponder, "do i jump in the water and swim for her or jump for the bow." Well, as my chest hits the deck and my legs go underneath, my torso reminds me just how painful it is to pinch skin between hull and bone. Fortunately, the searing pain downed out the rousing applause.

Needless to say, I almost pulled the plug and rode her down.
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Default Re: STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

i was at a fun event everyone was sterned in,started getting late and was geting dark, i thought wow i have these cool lights in the bilge lets open the motor hatch and turn it on, those motors sure look cool with the blue glowing lights,so i did. and now in my finest duds fountain shirt tommy bahama shorts etc i am walking on the edge of the boat working my way towards the swim platform with cell phone in one hand and coke and a beer in the other wallet etc on me,, hmm not holding on to anythng,, dew has a way of making waxed f-glass slick!! zing... there i go between the boats splash doh!!! i couldnt beleive it.. wow do i feel sober boy its cold, could be that its beginnig of april.. i saved the phone beer and coke gone,,
have u ever tried to climb up the side of an offshore boat.. well for some reason the embarasment and the chillyness i was like superman hoping no one saw me. the only damage i did was to myself crwling up the side of the boat i managed to remove the skin on my shins.
a change of clothes and a towel i am good to go back to the bar with my new nickname, (splash)..

last year all these guys came up from so calif and wanted to see the delta before thebig poker run.. i big shot said come on we can jump in my boat and we can go for a little ride,, 1 of the guys said hey how we doing on fuel.. Mr big shot No problem these gauges arent right see this one is 3/4 and that gauge is not right as cant be 1/4.. about an hour into the ride hmm what do u think happend,, mr big shot now has to idle on one for 2.5 hrs to get his guests back with no beverages in 95 degree wheather,, boy did i look like a hero..
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