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CIG3 06-29-2004 03:18 PM

Is Cigarette In Trouble?????
Is it me or are there a lot of 2002-2004 Cigarettes FOR SALE from dealership all over the country. National, Martin Marine etc. What's the deal. Are people running them for a year then bying a new one? I've heard and seen over the last year or so that more money has been put into nice paint and crazy electronics than into quality and customer service. I've seen the Maximus and Stealth sitting at the orginal owners for two years. Scarey. What's the Deal is THe Legand Dying Again???????? :blaster:

glassdave 06-29-2004 03:25 PM

Re: Is Cigarette In Trouble?????
i dont think its Cig. i think its kinda tough to move any high end boat right now.

Tim G. 06-29-2004 03:26 PM

Re: Is Cigarette In Trouble?????
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You have me confused buddy...
I have a long list of serious buyers for clean TS Guns.
Please let me know if you have a good one.

The boats remain beautiful works of art. Our customers are very happy with their boats.

Cig is still going strong...

stecz20 06-29-2004 03:27 PM

Re: Is Cigarette In Trouble?????
its you..............

IDRPSTF 06-29-2004 03:53 PM

Re: Is Cigarette In Trouble?????

I have a long list of serious buyers for clean TS Guns.
No you don't! That is the funniest thing I have heard a boat salesperson say yet. And I used to be one. How many clean guns are in the OSO classifieds? Can you not get a brokerage agreement with the owners? Do you not work well with other brokers? This isn't an attack on you, I'm just tugging at your confident comment.

To address the original question, I think Cigarette is doing better today than they have in years. Most high performance boaters at the Miami show agreed that Cigarette stoled the show with new ideas, immaculate paint and best overall fit and finish. Skip has taken the company to the next level and the "New" prices reflect that. Dealers nationwide showed confidence with the new owner by bringing Cigarette into their inventory. Many inventory boats sit for a year or so on a dealers lot (Boats sell very different than cars). And even at a year dealers are not taking a loss. Plus, how many orders for custom boats come off a single inventory boat? If a 42 Tiger is on your lot for 24 moths before you sell it at cost plus flooring, its more than justified if you sold 5 New ordered Tigers to people who looked at it.
Overall I think Neil and Skip are Kicking ass and taking names with the new company! I just wish they could keep the damn T-shirts from fading!!!

And Tim G, don't get all red in the face, I wish you all the best

spitfire1 06-29-2004 04:09 PM

Re: Is Cigarette In Trouble?????
He may very well have a list of people looking for clean Top Guns....its comes down to whether or not they want to pony up the cash to buy one or not......the economy still sucks in case you havent noticed....

BLee 06-29-2004 04:13 PM

Re: Is Cigarette In Trouble?????
The thing I have noticed is that more buyers are trading up quicker.

For instance, the former owner of my boat buys a new one almost every year. Mine had 30 hours on it when I got it.

My National Marine friends are having the same experience. Someone buys a gun, drives it, then decides on a 42 or 46.

Phil at LipShip has lots of customers that are following the same trend with the Gladiators and Guns.

I know 2 guys that have owned 2 brand new Cigs in the last year and have new ones on order.

The factory is packed with new 42's and 46's. People are spending money like crazy on the new ones, not so much on used, because they can.

Thats great for most, because there are some really sweet used ones out there because of this!

Sloman 06-29-2004 04:15 PM

Re: Is Cigarette In Trouble?????
I agree you may see the 2002 to 2004 Cigs sitting because the price tags that are sitting on them, it has not been the best couple of years.

Tim G. 06-29-2004 04:42 PM

Re: Is Cigarette In Trouble?????
Kick the sales guy...

There's really no need to sign a brokerage agreement with owners that advertise their boats on OSO.
This would be a long post if I went into it, but it simply usually does not work out.... OSO guys typically won't sign an exclusive brokerage agreement. We get into trouble trying to sell a boat to someone....that happens to come through OSO, and bump into the owner's classified ad and calls them...

People are looking for Good Clean TS guns with low hours. They are.
An '01 with 350 hours on 500 EFIS at $260k is not what we get calls for...

Every buyer is a buyer... wanting a smokin' deal. :eureka:

Yes the economy is down..on high dollar boats.... believe me...I know... (probably more than anyone else)

That said..
Now- Who want's a smokin' deal on a new 42 or 46? Come and get 'em. :)

jtmiller02 06-29-2004 04:43 PM

Re: Is Cigarette In Trouble?????
Most people that have $ have it in good times and bad... I too know of an individual who bought a TG and had it only about 6 months before he ordered a new one. Due to his untimely death he was never able to enjoy the new boat, although I heard his brother was out on the water the other day on it. Tim probably knows who I am talking about and might know if it is true or not that his brother has the new boat.

Point is though, many people are spending big $$ on boats but a lot of the time that means they are custom ordering them. Sometimes they buy a boat used or new and have it a few months, then they have a list on their mind of things they would like different, so they go to the dealer with that list and order a brand new one. That does however mean there are some good closeout deals to be had by people shopping "in-stock" or "slightly used" boats.

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