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some people are so godawful stupid

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Default Re: some people are so godawful stupid

Originally Posted by puder
ok so i put my new extension box on and went out to play this afternoon. I went out with abuddy just to do some testing and see if itmade a differnce. AKA i putt putted up and down the bay a few times and then did some WOT runs. All in all test were going OK but I am way overproped. I lost another 300rpm but picked up some speed. BUT I had an oil psi warning light come on a few times. I went vover everythign and the sender fittins is leaking so i'm pretty sure taht was it. But i fgured it was best to head back and throw her on eth trailer. ON the way back in cruising like 40-45 soem jackass in a 30' chapparal comes flying up from behind me on my right swerves at me, swerves back away from me and then back at me this time accomplishing his goal of hosing me and my boat down with an over trimmed drive and wake.

I was in utter ****ing disbelief of how stupid this guy was. NOt only was it a dick thing to do it was really god damn dangerous. I woudl have been pissed if it was buddy who i knew understood how to drive aboat but somw random dumbass ass who did this from literally out of nowhere!!!!

SO i let him head off and i dropped down to idle to discuss with my buddy if maybe i had accidentally cut him off and not noticed or antyhing. He comfirmed this dumbass came out of no where and intentionall sprayed us down. And that he was lookign aroudn for otehr boat ahead of us on both side and sw nothign (over my exhuast ther eis no way in hell i coudl have heard his boat behind us)

AT his point I realized he went the channel to go to the LI sound and was idling out. So of course i slammed the gas and tore ass over to him in et no wake zoen to tear him a new one. I get tehre and his pig of a wife stars spoutin off how theywereon eth right sod eof teh bay so tehy ahd right of way. SO i was liek first off you were the overtakign vessel i don't have eyes in the back of my head your responsibilty to see whats in front of you. Seondly intentionally swerving to spray someone at 50mph is a a party foul no matter how you slice it. Thehn they started yetlling and we started yelling back. Called him a fat ****ign cluseless dumbass and his wife a fat nasty pig of a c*nt and left it at that.

The stupidiy of some peopel amazes me. Other than my horirbley loud exhaust i'm a pretty law abiding courteous boater. it pains me to see sh*t liek this. Honestly this was kind of the last straw, i think i'm done with boats especially fast ones.

oh yeah on a sidenote, if any of you happen to know the jackass with the late 90s maybe 2000 30-32' twin engine red with tan interior chaparal out of either bayville or oyster bay NY tell him they are f*cking a$$hole from me.


I think I'm on your side with this, I just have to decipher your post a little better.
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Default Re: some people are so godawful stupid


You racin from the outside wall to the beer truck? Most of the time, I'm used to seeing the cars go AROUND the track. Ha.
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Old 08-01-2004, 03:21 PM
speel chekk this fokker!
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Default Re: some people are so godawful stupid

taboo absolutlye will i email you before hitting fla this year. Doug i think might bail (he keeps *****ing about the 24 hour drive) but i think he can be convinced to do sebring again!!!!

i was supposed to be racing up at NHIS on sept 11, but i haev bene thinking of maybe either hauling ass back in time for the NYC race (might just show up with my car and trailer) or skipping the NHIS race altogether. I'm goign to have to see how the points situation is after LRP next weekend. If i can make NYC of course i'll stop by!!!!

titan yeah bayville is a little slice of heaven ain't it.........

the racin pic. I just though it was kind of a cool pic. Certainly not the "Fast line" i was screamign down eth straoght away at pocono (we then turn in on an infield road course). I went into the turn a tad too hot and she went aroudn on me. and NO i wasn't bale to catch that one. I have liek 2 more pics of me out in the grass. As for eth type of car its a Formula Ford its a few steps short of an indy light cars. Mor eliek an indy anorexia car....... it has a tueb chasis, the negein is a non stressed member and the engien is a 1600 110hp 4 banger. oh yeha an dit has no wings or any kidn of aero. Fun but certainly no indy lights car!!!!

back to my *****ing abtou jackasses. I 'm heading down to eth marina in a few to see if indeed this boat is stored at bridge marina. I'll keep you all posted!
Pardon me, while I whip this out!
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Default Re: some people are so godawful stupid

Puder, if you do the crapper thing, make sure you place a little nautical flag in the center of it. This will bewilder the hell out of the azzhole.
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Default Re: some people are so godawful stupid

Originally Posted by puder
Called him a fat ****ign cluseless dumbass and his wife a fat nasty pig of a c*nt and left it at that.
Well, at least they left with a clear understanding of how you felt.

What they did was definately stupid!
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