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Baja Outlaw 24 vs Velocity 260...

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Outlaw 24
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Default Re: Baja Outlaw 24 vs Velocity 260...

As I stated earlier everyone is obviously entitled to their own opinion. I am not saying that my Baja is an offshore performance boat at all i know that it isn't. I am just getting tired of people talking out of their a$$ on subjects that they do not know anything about or have any experience with. L9X25 was looking for advice and I gave him advice to the best of my knowledge and experience. I have been around boats 26 years now and worked at a large marina for over 6 years through High School and College so I know a few things about boats. I merely made a statement about a Velocity that I rode in and boated with and explained how the ride differed from my boat.
Phantom1 maybe if you would have read all of the post's you would understand that I was stating my opinion of the two boats and that I was not intending to start an argument so before you make a stupid a$$ reply like you did read the post's and by the way lighten up!!!!
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Default Re: Baja Outlaw 24 vs Velocity 260...

I have never ridden in either boat.

However I know people that own both and they each like their boat.

There are a LOT of 24's out there. I think that speakes volumes for a boat that has not been built in several years now. They seem to hold up well from what I have seen.

There is a REALLY nice one this year on Lake Norman that looks brand new. From the grin on the owners face when I met him I would say he is very happy.

Coming on a forum like this or others and asking this type of question always ends up like this. Boaters are passionate about their boats. I would have one of each if I could!

No one can make the decision for you. Drive them both, and pick the one you like best. I'm sure you will be welcomed in either family you choose!

Good luck
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Default Re: Baja Outlaw 24 vs Velocity 260...

It's not about being harsh, it's about the truth.

Velocity's do very well run hard by operators with seat time who understand the bottom and what it wants for steer/throttle and trim input. Not a beginners boat, or a boat for someone who doesn't run at speed alot. The old SeaRay Seville rolled chine technology will make them miserable at lower speeds in slop. That full length hard-rolled chine is there for planing, and way aft it serves to balance the boat up onto the pad 'till you're free (up).

The Baja on the other hand has flat chines and no pad. Much easier to drive at any speed, and a softer ride at lower speeds, especially in quartering conditions (traffic).

I personally feel the Velocity is constructed more as a unit (therefore no shakes and rattles), overall a more solid feel, with substantially more freeboard.

Speed/H.P.? Forget it the Velocity runs away, and with an experienced operator runs away in the rough too.

If your time is spent "cruising" at 40 MPH buy the Baja

If you want more performance upstairs, and a more solid feel, buy the Velocity.

Didn't I sum all this up in the previous post?

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Default Re: Baja Outlaw 24 vs Velocity 260...

i own a 280 velocity the boat loves to run fast and you do have to know how to drive it i have friends that have 25 outlaws and they work good also i can find something wrong with every boat out there including mine and the bajas just drive them both and make up your own mind good luck.
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Default Re: Baja Outlaw 24 vs Velocity 260...

Originally Posted by Fever Mike
I'd stay away from both of them! But if these 2 were the only choice I'd go with the 20 Velocity...oh did I just say that! hahahahaha
Well we found the second things to pull you out of the woodwork, Fountains amazing record and Velocity. Nice to see you agian Mike.
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Default Re: Baja Outlaw 24 vs Velocity 260...

Originally Posted by Outlaw 24
Mr. Velocity, You must not have read my last post. How can you have an opinion on this issue at all due to the fact that you had a 28 foot Baja. The comparison is between a 24 OUTLAW and a 26 foot Velocity. On the issue of rough water the waters of Southern Lake Michigan are never more that 1 foot chop. (Yeah Right) We have boated in rough water every weekend this summer. There have only been 2 days where there have been 1 foot waves or less and usually they are anywhere from 3 - 7 footers and my boat is still in one piece. So my advice don't ripp on 24 OUTLAW's if you do not have a clue what you are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!
My ripping was not on ride quality of the Baja, it was on build quality. Unless Baja is using a totally different layup schedule and materials on their 24 vs their other boats then what I have to say is totally revelant. Take a look at how the bolster are attached under the gunwhale, how many washers did they put on the bolt that was too long? Really take a look, cause when my bolster hit the floor so did about 60 washers. The 28 rode well, as I am sure the 24 does, but my 28 did not stay together. Velocity has been involved in racing for a lot of years and there are lessons on builds you learn there. They've broken a few boats along the way too.
Baja is a good boat with it's place in the market. But compare it to a Velocity and I would have to go with the Velocity for all round speed, performance and build quality. Compare a Velocity to a Skater and the Skater would win hands down, no contest.
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Default Re: Baja Outlaw 24 vs Velocity 260...

Originally Posted by Dock Holiday
Hey Mr. Velocity,

Long time no talk to.

How is the stereo doing in the Ford Pickup?

Hope you have had a good boating season.

Yea it's been a while. Boating this year has been great, been doing a lot of prop testing trying to improve the mid range since we travel a little more.

Ford, stereo, not me.....

How's things by you? Guess the lake doesn't have water level issues this year.
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Default Re: Baja Outlaw 24 vs Velocity 260...

I'm certainly no Baja basher, but get serious here. Velocity or Baja ? There's just no comparison in performance or build quality. Amenities are similar but performance is way apart.
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Default Re: Baja Outlaw 24 vs Velocity 260...

I've driven both, crawled around both...Rippem has it right.
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Default Re: Baja Outlaw 24 vs Velocity 260...

I owned a 23 ft Velocity, and loved it. Ran fast in rough and calm water. If they still made them, I would recommend it to anyone.

When I got back into boating, I shopped 26 Velocity, 25' Outlaw, 26 ft Sonic. the criteria was Cost, maintenance and functionality.

I ended up with a 1999 25' Outlaw. Got a great deal. I love this boat as much as the Velocity. And my mechanic, who is driving one of the hottest boats on the circuit today, and serviced my Veleocity years back, is always telling me a made a good investment.

The Velocity is hands down faster, and it's rigged to run. Now let's get practical. How much rough water is anyone looking to run, for long stretches, without two engines. Who is going to raise their hand and say, i want to go out every weekend in 2's and 3's and get beat to death in a single engine boat, not just for a 5 mile run, but for 15-20 miles flat out.

So we are really talking rivers and inlets, or even big lakes, not offshore. Not 100 mile Poker Runs. Neither of these boats is a TopGun, and let's face it, if you want to go beat it up and you are worried about the deck seperating, take the rub rail off and through bolt it.

And my Velocity definately stressed cracked, and I knew a few guys in my marina with 30ft Velocities that had them come apart too.

Like many have said, buy what you want, but lest's get real, neither of these boats are a 33' Executioner, Top Gun, Outerlimits, and they are certainly no 39' SKater.
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