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Lrsla, Quet Lakes Association

Old 09-03-2004, 11:36 AM
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Default Lrsla, Quet Lakes Association

I have not been able to check my personal email in a while but her is the reply i got when I emailed this association from a previous thread

[email protected]
From: "Allan Rosen-Ducat" <[email protected]> Add to Address Book
Subject: Response to your email
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 15:53:41 -0400

Actually we are not tree huggers.

LRSLA is a Safe Boating and Quiet Lakes Association.

I'll put it back to you....

When the illegal activity of a ten to twenty boaters
impacts thousands of visitors and residents of our region, should
this activity be tolerated. Would you allow some one to
run off shore racing boats through your back yard with out a fight?

Noise is just one issue we are active in, Safety is our most important

We are open to constructive dialog.


I hope we can help out these boaters in the North East!!!! Please email this guy also.
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Default Re: Lrsla, Quet Lakes Association

didn't know it would highlight my email adress. The message i received was from

[email protected]

please, email him
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Default Re: Lrsla, Quet Lakes Association


Thanks for taking the time to email this guy.

The Lakes Region Safe Lakes Association has NOTHING to do with safety, It's just a front for this hyphenated named crybabies personal witch hunt against loud boats. (he took his wifes last name!)


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Default Re: Lrsla, Quet Lakes Association


I emailed this is his reply...


Thank you for your comments.

LRSLA is only attempting to seek enforcement of the existing
The State Boating regulation if enforced would go along way in reducing
the impact
that the violators are placing on the community. We are in full
agreement with your
statement "If a particular boat does not abide by these restrictions,
then they should be ticketed.".

LRSLA is a SAFE BOATING and a QUIET LAKE association. Quiet meaning
boats conform to the state regulations, that all, no agenda, just safe
respectful fun
for all.

The boaters that are violating the noise regulations are impacting the
health and the
personal rights of a lot of people. So it comes down to respect for
others and the right to
have enjoyment of ones home. I am sure you would find it hard to enjoy
your back yard if formula one drag racers were traversing it all day

I hope I have been able to correct some of the perception you seemed to
about LRSLA and my involvement with it. The fact is that we are
working very
hard to make sure that a fun day on the lake is a safe day on the lake.

In reality your allowed to have your opinion and I am guaranteed the
right to have my
opinion with out being harassed. In fact the some of the same boaters
you are
seeking to protect have been actively harassing myself, my family and
I see this as a direct violation of my constitutional rights. I ask
you is this proper
that if you don't agree with some one else's beliefs or actions that
you should threaten
them and systematically inflict forms of harassment on them.

I forward to you that I am pleased to answer
you email, although I wonder were you obtained my personal email
address and
why you chose to direct a persona message to me directly and not at

I will also forward that If the forms and the levels of harassment
continue I will
be contacting not the local authorities but the federal authorities.
You can forward to
who ever forwarded you my email that I will fully utilize the law to
protect my right to
free speech.

You should also realize that the boaters you write to me about in an
effort to
support are in fact violators of the law. I have broken any laws. All
I have been trying to
do is make boating in our region safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

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