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You Tell Me

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Default Re: You Tell Me

Originally Posted by atxwellcraft
I guess I lucked out. My friends are all really good about pitching in with money and work. Half the time they put my boat in just before I get off work and I just jump on. It's almost like keeping it in dry stack.
My friends are the same. We have a great time while on the boat and they are aware of the costs and work it takes to keep a boat. They listen to me. I only have to say things once. Rule #1 is respect me and the boat, #2 is have a good time!

You guys need to relax and maybe get some new friends. Besides, boating by yourself is no fun and people will call you the uni-boater.
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Default Re: You Tell Me

Ya know...reading this thread made me glad I have the friends I do. We (JB and I) generally go out as a couple or as a family and meet others with boats. When we go out with friends, we never have to ask them to take off shoes or anything of the sort. They watch us do it and they do it too without being asked. We've never had someone decide to walk along the deck (where would they be going up there anyway??). We must have really good friends on levels I never thouugt to give them credit for.

My only beyitch is when it comes time to dock...the fenders are under the seat and they have to move. Not a big deal. Happens to everyone.

It sounds to me like some of you have "black hole" types of friends with no respect for anything.
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Default Re: You Tell Me

Originally Posted by glassdave
amen brutha Mitch. my "A" list is extremely short. 99% of the time i am by myself for most of the reasons mentioned above. i put about 100 hours on my boat this season most of it solo and i really enjoy it. i head out on friday and usually dont get back till sunday. go where i want do what i want and enjoy every peaceful (except when im run'in ) minute of it. when i first got into the bigger boat i was the entertainment director but that got old real quick . i have a handful of friends that are good on the boat and there is always a seat for them but for the most part i boat solo. its much less agravating.
What, Scott doesn't count? I feel special that while my boat was broke you offered. Awww.

No, seriously... I don't ask for gas money ever. You can invite me in return. You don't have a boat? How about taking me to your country club?
I just don't charge gas. If we are boating... I was going anyway.
But there isn't going to be any smoking. And my rule regarding drinks is... no drinks up on plane. You can drink all you want in the no wake. If there isn't a no wake, I will provide breaks. I also don't like people going below while I am up on plane. I want 'em in seats where I can watch 'em. I will allow appropriate shoes.
Nobody walks on the bow. No music while I'm docking. No parking on the dance floor.... wait, that's a disco rule.
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Default Re: You Tell Me

WickedWon, I own a boat, and I'd love to smile all over yours!!
[b]M Go Blue.......Gator boots, gator luggage, gator purses... all at cut rate deals!!!!
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Default Re: You Tell Me

It looks like most boaters have the same opinion. No smoking seems to be the norm and I have a best and life long friend who does not boat anymore because he smokes 3 packs a day. I don't even think he breathes air, just smoke. It's too bad....for him. It is hard being the bad guy when it comes to boating and that is why I just pick my riders very carefuly. I went out the other day with my dog, she sits still and never spills, maybe a little hair She just sits and loves the ride. It makes me relaxed to know I just have to worry about myself and not follow people around like a janitor. Dyno, I don't let the 12 year old girls on anymore, they must be 16 now.
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Default Re: You Tell Me

Boat:BREAK OUT ANOTHER THOUSAND.Me and the wife figured between broken outdrives,motor upgrades,props,boat payments,insurance,launch fees,oil changes,other repairs,etc that we somehow manage to p-ss away at least 20,000 a year. We boat about 75 hours a year,comes out to about 265$ a hour or a 1000$ a ride for our 20 or so rides a year. We do it because we don't golf (HATE GOLF) and it is our hobby. We never ask anyone for anything when they go with us,we are happy just to have friends come along occasionally.Its alot more fun to have another couple along,we appreciate it when someone springs for dinner.We smoke,i ask passengers to only smoke when idling and to hold their ciggarettes over the side when lit,no shoes in boat and don't come with us if you have to be somewhere else that day(we leave at noon sometimes and rarely get back before dark,alot of times midnite if its warm out. The few times ive went somewhere (more than just a short ride to check out someone else's boat)on a friends boat we go without our smoking unless they smoke and we flip them 150$ for gas,people that don't own boats have no clue whatsoever what is involved or how much it really cost,Smitty
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Default Re: You Tell Me

I never got a ride yet.....Oh thats right I'm not a 16 year old girl. Bastage!
If your boat has a sail do you ride a horse to the ramp?
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