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Freeway Dually questions

Old 10-04-2004, 06:55 AM
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Default Re: Freeway Dually questions

Originally Posted by MnFastBoat
I would like to add a question about dually's

How are they in the winter?
I have thought about one, but it would be a daily driver due to cost
Also a deisel but am worried about big snows here in Minnesnowta
SRW trucks are better in the snow than drw.
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Old 10-04-2004, 08:36 AM
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Default Re: Freeway Dually questions

Thanks Caferacer...are those tires all seasons? If not, how did they do in the snow?
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Old 10-04-2004, 09:03 AM
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Default Re: Freeway Dually questions

My last truck was a '00 GMC crew dually 4x4, 454.
Yep, 6-9mpg while towing 8,000lb.
About what seemed to be 1 mpg towing a 42 tiger, with two 900 Sterlings in the back of the truck.
Best handling truck I hav ever owned.
Louseyest brakes I have ever owned.

I have always used BFG All terrains. Duallys typically take 245/75-16. They are E rated...cost is about $160 each.. do the math.
Stock tires are terrible.
Duallys wear front tires like you have never seen before!
It's tough to find a shop to even rotate the tires, let alone mount them correctly. This is a huge hassle.

So, I just traded that truck. Dealer gave me about 4k less than I expected it'd be worth. (yes I shopped the deal).

New truck is a '04 2500 ext cab 4wd, with the D Max.
3000 miles on it. Stock tires... Shows about 16-17 mpg on the highway. About 13 around town.
I'm getting the stock, terrible tires off it and going with some 265 or 285 BFGs.
Gotta change the shocks too. Rancho RS5000s...
Aside from the tires, the shocks are the single biggest improvement you can make. FYI- Stock shocks typically only have rebound damping...."floaters"... Best $150 you'll ever spend...

We had a '03 d max dually when I worked for National... We pulled big boats all day long without trouble... 46 Cigarette, on a steel trailer...weighs about 20k.... Good truck, and they aboused the fug out of it, and did little to no maintenance at all. I think they changed the engine oil twice in 40,000 miles!!Hard miles....
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Default Re: Freeway Dually questions

They have a more agressive tread available but it looked noisy to me, most of my driving is on road, so i went with the road tire and have not had a problem mud sand or snow, and what a difference from the goodyear. I new York you cant go in the third lane with a commercial vehicle, dually`s stand out for sure. I go in the third lane all the time, just to pass though and then move right back. Never had to go there towing my boat though. I usually dont go over 65 on the road with the boat, If i`m going to test my equipment I`ll do it on the water....Life begins between 4 and 6 be that either waves or happy hour!!
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Old 10-04-2004, 10:40 AM
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Default Re: Freeway Dually questions

Ive never had any problems with my Dually from the cops or driving around in snow.....even before the lift! Towing in the passing lane you just have to use common sense like was mentioned before. Around Chicago the trucks have different load range plates on them. Mine was a "D" plate and technically i couldnt go on Lake Shore Drive here in chicago....but i did (never towing anything though) and was even next to a Cop and they didnt do anything to me. I think the laws are more to keep the big commercial trucks out of the public/tourist view as they distract from beauty of the city when broken down on the side of a road.
All i can say as far as tires is to stay away from the BFG longtrail's....they suck! in anything but dry pavement they just plain suck. And the sidewalls flex too much for my taste. I have heard good things about the Bridgstone Duellers though...just not sure what their load ratings are though

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy horsepower. And I've never seen a sad person hauling a$$!

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Old 10-04-2004, 11:03 AM
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Default Re: Freeway Dually questions

I have '01 Chevy dually with 8.2/Allison and the only trouble I have had was a recall on the pushrods. The gas milage sux but I'm just not a diesel person. As far as towing in the "left" lane, I have not had any trouble between Chicago and S.Fl. and I stay in the "left" lane ALOT. I usually tow around the 80 mph mark and the truck is very stable at those speeds. I have vaccum over hydraulic brakes on the trailer and can stop on a dime with 15,000 lbs behind me. Good luck with your new purchase.
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Default Re: Freeway Dually questions

Thanks for all the info.

Wally wins the prize for meanest looking dually.....freaking out Honda Civic owners when they look in their rear view mirror and see that on their six... "I dunno what is behind me but it looks like it going to turn us into tin cans!"

Too Old's should be parked with the valet at the Ritz, his would make a Rolls blanch.

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Old 10-05-2004, 12:34 PM
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Default Re: Freeway Dually questions

Tonto, I bet your 8.2 is really a 8.1 (496). The Allison 1000 transmission is the best thing you can buy for towing.
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