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MIA: my dad

Old 11-21-2004, 08:44 AM
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Default Re: MIA: my dad


Glad dad is well. Best wishes.

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Default Re: MIA: my dad

Bonnie-that's the one thing that I've been thinking of. He's been known to make some pretty rash decisions. He put new tires on his truck to make the trip up to me. His old ones only had 20k on them. I never thought about some schister trying to refinance his house. I'll give his bank a call and see if there is anything we can do to prevent that. As to an inheritance, I'm pretty sure that there won't be one. The home will get everything before he's bankrupt.
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Default Re: MIA: my dad

Originally Posted by Cord
Well, the gps locator for a vehicle is still in the prototype stage. I know that the big rigs have been using them for a while. Does anybody have links for these sytems?
Tim, so glad everything turned out for the better.
As for a tracking system how about this link?
I have no other info except I received the link from someone here on OSO long time ago
It states it has a GPS tracking siystem available
Might be worth a look into
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Default Re: MIA: my dad

My security company Buzz -Off Alarms Systems, offers a module that can be installed in an S10 in 30 minutes that allows you to call or log to website for vehicle location. Unit cost is $500 to help out. It can accurately provide mapquest map with vehicle location from a computer or will give nearest address or intersection via a phone. i also have models with panic button that can notify you with automated call if he is having an emergency.

Lojack is not an alternative for many reasons.
1) it is for stolen vehicle recovery only. If you report otherwise you are in violation of false police report and the police would certainly create a shock to someone driving a vehicle that is not stolen.
2) Lojack only works in areas that have antenna tower to activate stolen recovery.
3) Lojack only works in area where police cruiser has recovery equipped vehicles.

Our GPS device has nationwide coverage and on average 60 second answers to car location. If you need assistance call 813-882-8477.

Andy Buzz
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Default Re: MIA: my dad

Great to hear that your father got home OK. I can only imagine what you were going through for those 48 hours. My grandmother suffers from dementia, check the spelling, so I know what you are going through there. Its rough haveing a conversation with her while she cant even remember your name. All you can do is take the precautions to prevent him from being victimized and to be safe. If I can help in any way let me know. cell 412-523-3562

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Default Re: MIA: my dad

You are much more analytical when you view things trout. Often that's a good thing. I wish that it would be as simple as just taking his driving privilages away. If we do that, then he would have to sell his home and move up here. That's a lot to ask of a person.

Andy-your system actually sounds feasible. I'll be looking into it.
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Old 11-22-2004, 12:36 AM
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Default Re: MIA: my dad

I have to agree with Commander Trouty on this one.... I know how hard it is to see your parents age. My brother and I allowed our mother to "fool" us into thinking she was capable of taking care of herself... Until last year she lived 400 miles from me in Mesa Az. She still owns a home in SLC that she had visited earlier that month... then she developed a bleeding ulcer from not eating... I hadn't seen her for two years and she had really let herself go downhill... Because her husband had died, she basically became a "shut-in". Instead of cooking for herself... she damn near tried to live on vitamin pills... When I saw her in the hospital , she had shrunken down to 92 lbs. My Brother and I FORCED her to move close to us. WE BASICALLY HELD HER HOSTAGE while we packed up her sh!t and moved it to a retirement center where they feed her two meals a day. We also took away her car because she had totaled one car and wrecked her new one twice in one year. These are hard decisions to make, but someone has to make them, and they aren't capable of making the decisions for themselves any more. Now my mother is back to health and is doing much better. Granted, it means having to burden yourself with more responsibilities. But, if your father is closer to you, then you can asses his condition every day. You definately don't want him to end up like that old codger that killed ten people in Santa Monica. His excuse.... I thought I was stepping on the brake pedal. Yeah... he's smashing vegetable stands for TWO CITY BLOCKS and he hadn't figured out that he was on the gas. The only reason the car stopped is because it had so much debris under the front end the drive wheels were in the air. THIS WAS THE SECOND TIME the old guy had gotten confused and stepped on the gas instead of the brake... Except the first time he only ended up on the front porch of someone's house, and yet his children continued to let him drive. He's f---ed now.

I feel for you Cord... It's a tough decision to make... I had to make it and when it's over... things are so much better for everyone. My brother and I still let her write out the checks for her utilities.. but we oversee what she is doing so she doesn't overpay. Sometimes she is befuddled by the simplest things... she can't differentiate between a "credit" on a bill... and a charge.

I put her on my cell phone plan and gave her her own phone... and after great difficulty taught her how to turn it on and call me.. I'm on her speed dial, so all she has to do is hold down one button... and the phone is gps equipped. That way if she is lost... I could possibly find her.
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