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Federal Air Marshall's dress code, your opinions please.

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Default Federal Air Marshall's dress code, your opinions please.

As many of you know, one of my oldest friends is a Federal Air Marshal. In the last couple of weeks there has been a bit of a stink in the Marshal's office over the strict dress code. Our Marshals are required to dress professionally; suits, sport coats, slacks, dress shoes, ties, while on duty in the air. While this makes them look great, it also inhibits their ability to do their job effectively. As a civilian, you should never know if you are on a flight with an Air Marshal. They are to blend in with the you and the other passengers aboard. Please read the following two articles and the text of the one I am posting and give me your opinion on the situation. My personal view is that the dress code should be that which allows them to most effectively do their job. And that would NOT be professional office attire.

Thanks for your views, and please continue to support our troops abroad and those at home who work to protect our American way of life.

Article 1
Article 2

December 12, 2004 -- A crackdown on casually dressed federal air marshals puts lives at risk, say many of the "undercover" armed men who sit on flights to prevent terrorism.
The marshals are so frustrated about their agency's dress code which they say makes it easy for terrorists to spot them they leaked confidential e-mails sent out last week by their supervisors.

The electronic memos, obtained by The Post, warn marshals they will now be spot-checked at airports to make sure they are dressed in sport coats, dress pants, collar shirts and dress shoes. If they don't comply, they can be suspended, the memos said.
Marshals can dress casually only when a supervisor approves and that's usually only during holiday flights to the Caribbean.

Marshals said the crackdown came after Federal Air Marshal Service Director Thomas Quinn went to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Thanksgiving to thank his rank-and-file for their service but was angered to find many were not wearing jackets.
Dave Adams, Quinn's spokesman, stressed the policy needs to be enforced to ensure that air cops "present a professional image" and "blend unnoticed."

But marshals say the dress code only ensures that they are noticed by making them look like Secret Service agents.

"I frequently get handshakes and hellos from passengers," one L.A.-based marshal told The Post. "We are all very worried about this issue."

A New York-based veteran told The Post he was recognized twice by passengers in the past two weeks.

"If a civilian can pick you out that easily, think about how easy it would be for a terrorist to figure out who you are."

Many passengers agreed that marshals should be allowed to judge for themselves what attire is appropriate for a particular flight.

Spokesman Adams blamed the complaints on "a very small minority of the work force that will not accept policies."

Marshal safety, including the dress policy, is currently being investigated by the Senate and House Judiciary committees.

And an additional op/ed piece....

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Default Re: Federal Air Marshall's dress code, your opinions please.

Tommy Bahama shirts and jean shorts for the SE.

Looking like a casual salesman with laptop and carry on bag(with guns Big ones).
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Default Re: Federal Air Marshall's dress code, your opinions please.

I wouldn't make it. I have no clue whatsoever on how to tie a neck tie.

Don't figure on ever learning either.
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Default Re: Federal Air Marshall's dress code, your opinions please.

Doing UC work you should be able to dress appropriately. Suits and Ties are fine for court attire. But field work requires you to be comfortable and to blend in. This even includes growing facial hair if it helps.

This is one of the reasons why I got out of Police Work. All the know it all people in charge who make some of the dumbest, most illogical decisions. I know what they are going through.
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Default Re: Federal Air Marshall's dress code, your opinions please.

Turban and Dunkin Donut's employee badge would deceive most people.
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