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>15,500 miles before an oil can that be good?

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Default Re: >15,500 miles before an oil can that be good?

Originally Posted by US1 Fountain
Todays motors are a LOT different than yesterdays motors when the 3000k rule was law. And the BMW's and MB's are alot different than American vehicles.

I agree except the American vehicles thing. The wifes 97 grand am has 120k on it with a 10k oil change for it's entire life. No smoke, no oil burning no nothing. The original clutch is about done though. Synthetic oil is the key. Mobil 1.

I had a 70 GTO when I was young teen and had the motor built by a shop. Well I ran Mobil 1 in it for years while I ran the dog s**t out of it daily. After years of HARD service I noticed a wiped loab so out came the cam. Yep she was wiped and the cam bearings had no oil grooves in them or hole. Thats right no oil getting pumped through that bearing and it still ran. That sold me on synthetic. Mobil 1 to be exact. Amsoil states you can run the hd diesel oil forever if you test it now and then and change the filter.
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Default Re: >15,500 miles before an oil can that be good?

Originally Posted by Fever Mike
Nort, no you are just older and driving with less enthusiasm!

Not true! Now that I can afford to drive a car with a warranty, I drive with much more enthusiasm! Oh look! It go fix it.
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Default Re: >15,500 miles before an oil can that be good?

Have you changed that oil yet Norty?........
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Default Re: >15,500 miles before an oil can that be good?

daily driver is a 99 olds bravada and i run the Mobil 1 clean 5000. checked the oil after 4k and it looked new. ive been a mechanic for years and doubted this stuff but thought i would give it a chance anyway......very impressed...getting close to the 5k mark and will need to change soon, will be using the Mobil 1 5000 again thats for sure...
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Default Re: >15,500 miles before an oil can that be good?

How does the "meter" get reset when an oil change is completed?

I'd get a fresh change just to start off at zero, ensure the "meter" is reset, and see what it says in terms of miles left to go.

Today's oils are in fact better than even in the early 1990s. Read somewhere recently that the new "standard" (special cars/circumstances aside) is every 5000 miles and even that was conservative. Of course places like the Jiffy Lubes etc. would rather not help advertise that. Don't think I'll change my routine on the boats in spite of all that. With the higher standards between oil changes it's got to help reduce crude consumption a bit. All the Cali tree huggers should like that....
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Default Re: >15,500 miles before an oil can that be good?

I just purchased a Jeep liberty with the crd diesel. It says in the owners manual change every 10k under tough conditions 12k if normal driving. It is very specific about the oil, it states 0-40 wt or something like that, but it must be synthetic.

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Default Re: >15,500 miles before an oil can that be good?

Originally Posted by PhantomChaos
I'm leasing a car that tells you when the next service date is based on mileage. Not sure how it comes up with this number, but I've heard it monitors driving habits, oil condition and other things. The car is about 14 months old now and has just about 14,500 miles on it. The monitoring system is telling me that service is required in 900 miles.

Is the oil used these days (Mobil One in this car) and engine performance that good, or since the service is included with the car, they don't want to service it that much and are banking that it survives until the warranty expires?

I certainly don't drive it like a little lady (like AudioFN would), but with stop-n-go LA traffic, how can this lack of service be recommended?

Got any input?
Today's engine's are built using much tighter tolerences.
The sole purpose of replacing oil is because it collects sulfuric acid, a by-product of the combustion process. Tighter tolerences means less blow by, hence, longer periods between oil changes.

A friend is a tech at Audi, his car's come in on average every 6 months for oil changes.

My uncles SL55 get's changed once a year.
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Default Re: >15,500 miles before an oil can that be good?

I change the oil in all of my vehicles at 3000 miles..... except for the Mercedes (E430). It uses the recommended M1 0W40 and the MB "Fleece" filters, and I change it when it tells me to. Freakin' oil still looks new at 10k miles, and still tests excellent.

It was a leap of faith for me, but seems to be working out great.
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Default Re: >15,500 miles before an oil can that be good?

Audi has used the Audi Variable Servicing (AVS) system since 2000/2001.
You can read more about it here:
It basically offers up to 30,000 miles/24 months for 3 and 4 cylinder TDI diesel engines between oil changes. This does require the use of "Long Life" approved oils though, which are rather expensive.
The AVS system uses on-board sensors that continuously monitor the condition of the engine oil in terms of temperature, level & oil degradation.
The monitoring systems also check mileage covered, brake pad wear, battery condition and mileage covered. Using this information, the car’s on-board computer calculates its own maintenance interval, providing the driver with ample warning of a service due via the ‘distance to service’ display.
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Default Re: >15,500 miles before an oil can that be good?

I drive a '95 Nissan Maxima, have owned it since new, 365,000 miles later only changing the oil every 7000-8000 miles. I came up with my own service interval based on oil color/clarity. I use Castrol GTX 5-30. The only reason that the oil needs to be changed is because of contamination. Generally, if it looks good it's fine. Some engines really make the oil darken quickly, which essentially means that they have more blowby than an engine that keeps its oil clean. New engines are being built to such high tolerances, that oil is lasting a lot longer these days. Some cars have even gone to 20 weight oil.

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