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why most car salesman don't make money

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Default Re: why most car salesman don't make money

Ditto that!
Works with surveyors too.
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Default Re: why most car salesman don't make money

Since we sell used cars, I feel for both the salesmen and the customer. Yes, you should take every person seriously. There have been many times that I have under estimated people that walk in and have regretted it.

However, I see more and more these days that buyers are getting slimmer and more and more tire-kickers come in. You have to understand that sometimes you will catch someone with a short fuse. We work from 9-6 Monday-Friday & Saturday 10-4. 90% of the people that come in don't buy cars. It is very frustrating these days.

We got rid of all the salesmen after 9-11 so we sell the cars ourself. This way, if we blow a sale we only have ourselves to blame. We are more of a laid back dealership. I wait untill the people come in or I wait untill they go and look at the car. There is no reason to go raging at the customers before they get out of their cars.

BTW, OSO discounts to everyone - -

My $.02


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Default Re: why most car salesman don't make money

I did my research on my previous truck purchase. I got to know what to look for on the sticker as well.
I found 2 identical trucks on 2 separate lots. It was the truck I wanted. I got the best deal I could at the 1st dealer, but he wouldn't budge on the interest rate so I left. I went to dealer #2 and told the salesman that I was buying a truck that day and wanted no BS. Give me the bottom line and we'll do the deal if the number was right. He goes to his manager, you know the routine...comes back with a high number. I turn it down and start heading for the door. He says,"Wait, maybe we can work on that?" Work on what? That was supposed to be your best deal I said. The manager then comes over and starts to deal. The number was still too high. I left and went back to dealer #1 and asked one more time to drop the Interest Rate and that I would sign the deal. Sure enough they did due to my outstanding credit rating they say...
I got a call the next day from dealer #2 still trying to sell me a truck. I drove up to the guy's window next to his desk on the way home from work and beeped. I had to let him know I wasn't BSing him...

My Dodge I had did the same thing. Did my homework, asked them not to beat around the bush. They told me no way they would sell me a truck at the price I offered. I told them call me if they change their mind. Didn't hear from them. They low balled me on a trade so I said I would keep my truck and do a cash deal. They were only willing to take $1000 off the sticker. I found a dealer willing to work me a great deal on the same exact truck. I was sold and signed. I would have to wait a few days for them to get it from another dealer. No problem until I got home and changed my mind... I felt so good about this dealership that I stepped up from the 2500 SWB to the Dually 3500 that he had in stock...
Of course I had to rub it in to the salesman at the other dealership. I pulled up with the new Dually, parked next to his desk and asked them for a brochure on it....then I walked away.....
Next time will be easier. Working for Verizon entitles me to a Fleet Price. Unfortunately I forgot this before I purchased. Never again.
Fleet Pricing you just bring in a code to the dealer. There is no negotiating. They just give you X# of dollars below invoice and the deal is done!

When I bought my wife's car, I asked the manager directly over the phone if he would sell me a car at $100 over invoice. He said yes. I said have the red Grand Am ready for delivery at 6PM. We'll be in to pick it up. We were out of there in less than 30 minutes. That was the easiest purchase I ever had........

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Default Re: why most car salesman don't make money

jtmiller02, thanks!
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Default Re: why most car salesman don't make money

Originally Posted by Playn
I've pretty much given up on salesmen of all kinds lately. I was looking for a truck this fall and couldn't get any help from local dealers (s.e. michigan) locate it for me so I found what I was looking for myself online and bought it sight unseen from Battlefield Ford in VA. They drove the truck out here to Metro Airport (Detroit). Ended up getting a F350 PSD 4X4, Crew cab dually. A few phone calls, a fed ex package, and a couple calls with the driver in route and it was done.
That's good to hear. Steve Fay (the owner of Battlefield Ford) is a good friend of mine. I'll forward the comments!
I can't talk about it right now, it's being handled by the Postal Inspector. Those guys don't mess around!
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Default Re: why most car salesman don't make money

on my last trip to a car lot, I had a salesman give me his card with his personal number to call him when I wanted to sell my wife's car.

Try buying ANYTHING in your 20's of any value and you'll get looked down upon. Fever MIke, you must have gray hair Due to this I buy most stuff via the net or phone and just come in to pay an take my stuff. Bought a BMW, boat, and new Vette this way. If you can find someont to answer a phone call or email, that is.

Work ethics are going in the crapper these days. I don't see why someone who is at work, they have to be there, can't acknowledge customers and try to make a sale. Why else are you there? BS with your buddies? I guess if that's the only way you can make friends......

I walked out of a retail store last week because 5 employees were standing around BS"s and I'm shopping 3' from them walking around looking for something and never once did they look up and ask. I'm not supporting their careers, they need a can of whoop ass opened on them by their absentee boss, who needs a can of whoopass endless cycle.
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Default Re: why most car salesman don't make money

Hah, I walked into a Ford dealership asking for information on the new dually's. Salesman told me he had never seen one and that was it. No attempt to even look up the information until I asked for a brochere and walked out.
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