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yesrej 03-14-2005 03:30 PM

1989 28 ss sonic
can anyone tell me info on this boat. there is one for sale on it seems like the boat is in good shape. if anyone can tell me anything on these boats it would be great. i dont know anything about these older sonics. it also has a 568ci blower motor with a bravo drive. is this a good setup and is this an everyday use motor. tell me anything that you can. boat is also 30k. is this a good price. tell me what you can guys. thanks.

Sydwayz 03-14-2005 04:03 PM

Re: 1989 28 ss sonic

That looks like a killer boat. Price seems a little high. That engine will eventually kill the drive, but as long as you are EXTREMELY gentle on the throttle, it will last a while, and when it does let go, you can upgrade the drive with better parts to last longer. That is NOT a light boat. I bet everything said and done, full of gear and fuel, it is around 6000 lbs. ( My boat was 7280 lbs. on the trailer, nearly full of fuel, see below. )

I had a 26' Sonc, 1999, with a 500EFI. It was an awesome boat. I loved everything about it, and so do the new owners. The 28SS will give you just a bit more of everything, and they are rare to find with a single BBC setup. ( Most have twin 350 Mag SBC. )

We have long mentioned that a single BBC 28 Sonic with 700+/- HP would be a killer package. This is just that. The dash, throttles, guages, wheel, all look a bit updated.

I would try to get them down to around $25-26K depending on how many hours the hull has on it (if you can even find out). If it has a Rocket Aluminum trailer, deduct another $1000 bucks. (Rocket is the worst trailer on earth.)

Tim G. 03-14-2005 04:11 PM

Re: 1989 28 ss sonic
Looks like a decent buy so long as the condition checks out good... otherwise it'll be an eternal money pit.
Try to get their attention with $25k just like Brian said.
Then spend $5k to clean up the interior and paint over that light blue.... :rolleyes:

Bottom line- That's a lot of boat for $25k.

Sydwayz 03-14-2005 04:51 PM

Re: 1989 28 ss sonic
Taking a second look at the pictures, the water line scares me. You need to find out how much time that boat spent in the water. Ask around including folks at the marina, and folks you see/can find hanging around that area, including here on OSO. You also need to know how much of that was in salt water. Look at the anodes, tabs, and drives for corrosion. If you can remove the thermostat housing, and stick your finger in there, to feel for salt-water buildup-corrosion. Drain the engine block into the bilge, and look at the quality of the water that comes out. (As soon as you walk up to it.)

You will also need to have it surveyed WITH... and this is important... a Surveyor who has a moisture detection meter that can tell you if there is moisture in the hull and ESPECIALLY the transom. Sonics do have balsa wood cores. Replacing the transom on a Checkmate or a Cigarette would be easy with a vertical transom and no integrated swim-platform, but if that transom has ANY rot in it, it would be a NIGHTMARE to replace. Be aware of this with what offer you throw at them. If they jump at your low-ball, and hesitate even the slightest when you mandate a survey, you can bet something is seriously wrong.

I still really like the boat though. I would be interested in it if I were in your shoes, but the more knowledge you have, the better prepared you are. If anything seams fishy, walk. The minute you start talking about knowing your stuff on how long it was in the water, moisture in the hull, salt water corrosion, etc, they may start to steer clear of you. Take this as a sign.

f311fr1 03-14-2005 05:40 PM

Re: 1989 28 ss sonic
I had a 94 with single 502 EFI MAG. It really needed more power. It looks like a Bennett trim tab pump on the transom. I would want to upgrade to at least Victory tabs or K planes. Everything mentioned above applies. Check with the engine builder about the engine to see what block, heads, ect. Joe Murray

yesrej 03-14-2005 07:34 PM

Re: 1989 28 ss sonic
thanks for the help guys. so the boat on a trailer would wiegh about 7000lbs. does that sound right. and docking with a blower motor, is this going to be hard.

f311fr1 03-14-2005 07:39 PM

Re: 1989 28 ss sonic
7000 lbs is about right. As for docking, it all depends on how the engine idles and if it stalls. BTW Rocket trailers really are a PIECE OF CHIT. Lost both right wheels off mine on I40 in Nashville. Joe Murray

Sydwayz 03-14-2005 07:57 PM

Re: 1989 28 ss sonic
Its going to be heavier than 7K lbs. full of fuel, probably closer to 8K lbs.; especially if its a steel trailer. Aluminum; 7500 lbs. total, full of fuel, beer, and gear. Its an older Sonic, and they built them heavy and solid back then. What is your tow vehicle? If you have a long-wheel base 1/2 ton, you can get away with short trips for a while, but you will want a 3/4 ton soon. I pulled mine with a 1/2 ton Tahoe (2 dr, very short wheelbase), and I moved to a 3/4 Avalanche as soon as I could.

As for docking with a blower motor, you are going to have to determine that one for yourself. It all depends on how big the cam is. When you are on the sea-trial, get out there in the open portion of the water, and start doing some precise type movements. The owner/rep will want to do all the docking, but you can simulate it, and watch how they deal with it.

LOL f311. I think we need a separate forum to piss on Rocket Trailers. Funny, I launched a wheel clean off of mine at 60mph too. I think it had malicious help, BUT, the trailer was crap before I rebuilt the entire thing from the tires to the carpet.

Edward R. Cozzi 03-14-2005 08:39 PM

Re: 1989 28 ss sonic
Sydwayz is correct to recommend a survey. Sonic has very little transom failure history, but it never hurts to check.
The same guy that has been doing the dash electrical from Sonic's early days in Pompano is still doing them today. His name is Lee and he still works at the Hollywood plant.

There have been two major upgrades to the Bravo drive since 1989.

wwwTOPDJcom 03-14-2005 09:05 PM

Re: 1989 28 ss sonic
NO WAY That boat does 90 maybe 80 maybe :rolleyes:
with that much power I would want a Konrad drive

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