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Average Boater

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Default Re: Average Boater

Average for sure and it doesn't bother me a bit. I wouldn't want anybody to think I was anything but average either, no matter where life takes me.
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Default Re: Average Boater

Im glad to see this thread too. Just getting into the performance boat scene 1 year ago, I have learned a lot from this forum and glad to see other "average joes" like myself. I have a Baja 272 and absolutely love it. I bought my first boat at the the age of 24. It was a 1995 18ft Bayliner, loved it at the time, but through the years I have been lucky enough to upgrade and I hope to again next year.

I plan on buying a 3/4 ton truck soon, the F-150 has already had enough of what I have now, much less a 30-34 ft. (Good thing its a company truck)

I have friends with $300,000 boats and I love to ride on them when I can, but truth be known, I am out on the water with them having as much fun as anyone and only difference I see is MPH....
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Default Re: Average Boater

Originally Posted by CROWN MAN
I was going to post ( what about A poor mans poker run)
No boat more than 27 feet unless its a POS.
I was told last Sunday that if you boat doesn't do at least 85mph u could not run in the Sarasota poker Run.
I would say that for the rich.
Most of the boats at the PRA events are very high $$$.

I ran a little with the OPBA here in FL... I had a 75mph boat and was possibly the "lowest man on the totem pole"
The cheap poker run cost me $1000 for the weekend. (hotel, gas, gas, food, gas, beer)
There are enough poker runs here to do one each month.

I'll be all over that poor mans poker run.. once I have another boat. (my work boats barely run 50, my book is pretty gay)

See the extreme joy in my eyes...
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Default Re: Average Boater

i would say im below average trying to make it to the average. i got a 1990 21 foot four winns liberator that i have had for sale for 8 months and not even one phone call. i just bought a 2002 dodge ram so im kinda moving up. but i would like to sell this boat so i can get an wverage boat and hang out with the average boaters.
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Default Re: Average Boater

Originally Posted by CROWN MAN
I was going to post ( what about A poor mans poker run)
No boat more than 27 feet unless its a POS.

I was told last Sunday that if you boat doesn't do at least 85mph u could not run in the Sarasota poker Run.

I would say that for the rich.

"Back in the day" we'd do a Poker run on snowmobiles. Had alot of fun without the "Big Number".

I'll tell you what, I'll organize one here locally. Keep the venue small and focus on the fun. I bet that if it's not fashionable to be there, more average boaters will attend.
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Default Re: Average Boater

1984 19' Wellcraft - that hasn't run in 3 years. 1996 Chevy P/U. Saving for a Cigarette under 50,000.
The wife wanted to buy somethin soon, but I know what I want, and might as well wait.
I remeber back when I had money, owned my own Co. Brand new Chevy Dually, bought a $14000 1986 Baja 25' Force. Hell, I thought I was living large! It wasn't a big deal when I put a $3500 paint job on it. Didn't think anything about re-upholstering the interior. Never blinked an eye at the fuel dock.
Divorces happen, businesses can get screwed and have to shut down.
I just think, if I could apply my child support (for one daughter) to a boat payment....
Keeping my eye out for "MY" boat, but want to make sure I can afford to use it whenever I want, and not be worried about fuel costs, repairs, maintenance, etc.
Yeah, I'm your average boater (or at least I'm striving to be...)
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Default Re: Average Boater

We organize a "poor mans" poker run here every year on Lake Michigan, at Holland. We run it after work on a week night, it's only about 20 miles total, and the prizes aren't that big. But we have a really good time. Boats run from 18' bowriders to a couple of offshore wave busters like Rambunctious in his 272 Formula and a couple of others. Just good ole boys having a good ole time. It's the only poker run I've ever entered my boat in.
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Default Re: Average Boater

im an average boater also 1988 fountain needed alot of work when i bought it thats the only way i could afford it my truck is a 1993 dually no i cant buy a new one. ive been luky enough to find some good deals on parts and motors. Who has $70,000 to spend on motors , not me
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Default Re: Average Boater

I would consider myself an average boater, all though I do like to go fast... Wouldn't want anyone having any other impression. Not trying to impress, just having fun at what I love. Sure, I'd love a big new go-fast cat, but I know my limits too... Like everybody else says, some day?
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Default Re: Average Boater

Originally Posted by bryanspeedracer
Allright, who is an average boater?

Seems to me that everywhere I look I'm inundated with above average people. I am seeing "Lifestyle" segments regarding this hobby that do nothing more than showcase how wealthy you are and how wealthy I am not. In magazines it's wealthy and beautiful people. On T.V. it's more wealthy and beautiful people. It's almost forcing me to be a poser (and I HATE posers) to fit in. So, at the expense of not fitting in, not being cool- who out there is the average boater? The person that doesn't live in a mansion. Doesn't drive a brand new Mercedes. That has to budget to go to the Miami Boat Show, and budget to put gas in that hog every chance you get.
Who boats for the passion and not because it's the flavor of the week? I know that there is atleast one out there...

i think just because some of these guys don't have to sacrifice one hobby to do another doesn't mean they don't have passion for it, i have met lots of people in this hobby, some with modest means, some with not so modest means, and they both will have a smile on their face when they come back from running their boats.... and isn't that the point?

is there a lot of ego in this hobby? yes... is there a lot of ego with motorcycles, muscle cars, exotic cars, houses, second houses, third houses, clothes.... everything in life there is somebody trying to top you... let them do it, heck, more power to them, i like looking at their million plus boats..

lets not turn this into a rich bashing thread, most of them are pretty cool and have worked pretty hard to be where they are at.... remember, being an jerk isn't restricted to any one social status.... there are plenty of average and rich jerks alike.
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