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ferraristyle 09-07-2005 01:11 PM

Don't Want To Screw Through My Top Deck, Need Help
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Ok, kind of a weird question but I figure I'll ask and try to get an answer before I do any work.

The cuddy cabin in my 21' Scarab 1 has two long wood pieces of trim that run along the top of the cabin/bottom of bow. Also on the sides are two trim pieces as well. You can see the white seperator between the white and the black for the side rail. I am going to replace and recover these a different color. My concern is when I am rescrewing the screws that I will screw right thru my deck and my sidewalls. That would be bad. I'm pretty sure on the sidewalls that there is a "double hall", so the screws won't go thru to the exterior of the boat, just the "inner hall fiberglass" if you will. However I don't know about the top.

Can anyone shed some light on this. The last thing I want is a screw coming thru the bow top of my boat from below. Any insite would be great!

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