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Son of a Bitch I have oil like chocolate milk!!! >

Son of a ***** I have oil like chocolate milk!!!

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Son of a ***** I have oil like chocolate milk!!!


Old 05-08-2002, 06:46 PM
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Default Son of a ***** I have oil like chocolate milk!!!

Well went to change the oil in the starboard engine, Pulled dipstick and looked okay
Started the electric oil changer thing and it choked up chocolate milk
I cant get a FREAKIN BREAK with this toilet POS!!!!
God only knows what is allowing water in
Probably a good guess the freakin risers or manifolds
Im so F*ing pissed right now Im ready to go sink this thing for insurance money

Now I have a 10 Thousand pound paper freakin weight in my driveway
Im so mad im ready to start Tool tossing like Alan4 taught me

Guess no river for this land lubber
Well I guess I know why the BANG BANG was now

Anyone in Philly area want to help pull a motor?
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Old 05-08-2002, 07:10 PM
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Sorry, I just realized this computer cached my soon to be wife's username so here I am Jason, reporting to you of MY HORRIBLE STINKIN FREAKIN AFTERNOON tinkering with my POS
Anyone have a line on a rebuilt 454-330???
and how in the hell am I going to get this engine out of it?
this thing sits about 6'5" off the ground on the trailer
HELP guys!!!!!
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Old 05-08-2002, 07:25 PM
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I don't have much to go on... but why would you need to pull the motor at this point. You don't even know where the water came from yet. I am milkshake man and have had every f%^kd up problem imaginable. It is probably a head gasket from overheating. Could be a riser gasket. You need to relax and take the methodical approach at diagnosis. People on this board will all but fix the prblem for you if you give a chance....

If not, I'll give you a thousand for it... including the trailer

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Old 05-08-2002, 07:47 PM
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First thing first, but should you need an engine, I know that Bruce was virtually giving my old 454 away.
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Old 05-08-2002, 07:52 PM
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I did my own engine build up and swap in my carport. I've never done anything so big in my life so i got a bunch of books and asked a bunch of questions here on the board and I am finally up and running.

If you need to pull the engine measure the height of the transom at the highest poing the motor will have to clear. My 22' Pachanga was about 60"-65" so I rented a hydraulic motor lift from the local rental place ($25/day) and pulled it myself. I think with a short chain you can get almoest 72" underneath the motor....

Mark all your wires carefully so you know where to put them back!!

Drop me an e-mail if I can help with anything else...If you buy the beer I might be able to come up for a day and lend a wrench....

[email protected]
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Old 05-08-2002, 08:05 PM
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Before taking your engine out . Does you exahust pipes have flaps. If not coming off plane will force water into your exahust then into you manifold or headers then into your engine. I had that problem with the Magnum's first engine. Before you rip out that engine check the pressure in all cyclinders.
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Old 05-08-2002, 08:18 PM
I hate the winter!!
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Do like others have said, lets think this through. First things first. What kind of exhaust are you running? If it is stock Mercruiser, pull the risers off and check down the manifolds for signs of water. Did you overheat the motor? Is there any signs of water on any of the spark plugs? How long do you think the motor had water in the oil? Is this your first oil change since the winter? If so, is there a chance that the block froze? Get some particulars and post them.

If you have to pull the motor, the hardest part is finding a way to lift it out. Once you get that part figured out, the actual job should take no more than 1 hour to get it out. Once the drive is off, the motor is held in by 2 nuts, 2 bolts a couple of hoses and a few wires. Very simple to do, even if you never did it before.
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Old 05-08-2002, 09:57 PM
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Take every ones advice. Hopefully its not as bad as you envisioned.
Good luck,
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Old 05-08-2002, 10:55 PM
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Tell us more about your boat-- What year, what motor, how many hours, what and how old the exhaust and elbows.
The guy in NJ has a 502 with low hours for $5000 and he might install it for about $1000 and you get to keep your motor.
I would also call Frank Bash Engines in Neshaminy and ask hiim to check your motor and do a minimun rebuild on it. Maybe just bearings, rings, surface heads. He is more than accomidating from min to max.
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Old 05-09-2002, 08:28 AM
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Okay lets get this down on here first
She is a 1990 280 Baja es With Twin 454-330
Both have about 320 hours on them approx.

I bought the boat last october and test drove it
She was fine, purchased her and brought her home
Next week dropped her in Neshaminy creek ramp, took out onto Delaware river, Got up on plane, and a fountain came blasting past me so the testosterone took over and I laid into it
About 20 seconds went by and i heard what I though was either me slamming into something submurged or a bacfire out of the carb BANG BANG
Pulled back the throttles and came to a stop
I have Flaps both internal in exhaust AND on outside of tips the rubber flaps that hang over the tip itself.
After that weird experience, I started to get under way again, trimmed all the way down, started to go and got moving, then anything over 1800 rpm's i heard a BANG
then a BANG BANG
i backed down under 1800 and she was fine (too bad I could not see $hit cause the bow was on a 45 degree angle staring at the horizion.

Cruised for about an hour at 10 mph and brought her back into put her on the trailer
took her home
Winterized her (did not change oil, figured Id wait until spring and do tune ups, oil changes, fuel/water separators ect)
So that is what I was doing, just spent about 2600 on new gimbal ring, swivel shaft and all new bellows boots and drive fluids changed, new trim senders all this maintenance stuff.
Get it back last saturday, changed all the plugs on both motors.
all 8 in that starboard engine were gunked up with oil and wet with fuel
I thought it might have been the fogging fluid from the winterization but the other engine, the plugs were completely dry so I started thinkin, huh, maybe that is what the bang bang was, the engine was missing and puking flames up the carb (no evidence of that in flame arrestor though)
Went to change oil and kablam, YooHoo came up the dipstick tube and I was like OHHHH YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME
I am going to pull the risers off, maybe they are gone but the bang bang that I heard when it was under load on the river (which it does not do revving it on the trailer) was probably the bearings puking and yelling at me.
So that is the nuts and bolts of this story
NOW a friend of mine said to me last night, bring it over to his work and he can use his forklift and pull it out.
I can yank this thing, not worried about that
I can rebuild it myself not worried about that either what I am worried about is spending a few hundred bucks to see if the block is in tact or not and then having to go out and get a long block to dump back in it.
Might be easier to get new long block
New exhaust manifolds and risers (stock mercruiser iron crap)
and just do it and deal with the reaming the soon to be wife is going to give me for spending a few grand on a motor and parts.
(what else is new right?)
We will work the money part out, She is cool and wants me to get this thing done.

You guys now know the whole story so what do you think?
that bang bang means the bearings are grabbing the crank and turning in the mains, so if I rebuild this particular block, crank needs to be turned, new bearings, new rings, deck, line bore, and prey the mains can be worked so that it will hold a bearing
if not block is trashed and on to a new one

Seen long blocks for about 1800 - 2500 this sound right?
a 4545-330 is NOT really what alot of you guys are running out there and is the oldest of the old generations.
I can see HP500's being 5-6-7 thou
and the wilder the more $$$

I just want this toilet to float and run me up and down the DE river , not going to race it in factory class or anything I just want to go boating damn it.

The exhaust manifolds are more than likely STOCK from 1990
hell the whole boat is stock from 1990 it looks like
so what is my next step?
New motor or try to salvage this thing?
Talk to me guys
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Quick Reply: Son of a ***** I have oil like chocolate milk!!!

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