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Old 12-05-2010, 10:57 PM
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Default Harmonic Balancers

Is there anything to take into consideration when buying a harmonic balancer. I am looking to replace the ones i currently have on my SBC. Is there a difference between a marine harminic balancer and an automotive balancer?

I was looking at this one;


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Old 12-06-2010, 05:05 AM
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Your choice of hamonic balancers would greatly depend on what your using it for. While there are no specific marine balancers, your choice would depend on what engine you are going to use it on. For example, if your engines are stock small blocks, running at a moderate rpm, you can certainly use a stock style, rubber balancer. However, if you are running modified engines at higher rpms, I would suggest you run an ATI super dampener or possibly a Fluiddampener. In my opinion, there is no way I would trust my engine to a rubber balancer, especially that one. It is not SFI approved, which means that if the rubber fails, it will come apart, making a big mess of the front of your engine. If your choice is to go with rubber, try to find one that is SFI approved. One more thing, I am not certain of what I remember about small block engines, but if I am correct, they come with 8" diameter balancers, that one is 6.75.

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I've been told by a reputable balancing shop that fluid balancers are not recommended for boats. Something about the motors sitting to long between uses and the fluid settling at the bottom. Also the last stroker crank I bought specifically said not to use them due to the same thing happening and the snout of the crank breaking off.
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the ATI Superdampner is the only way to go-don't run a
fluiddampner- reason- for instance, Crower WILL NOT
warrentee their crankshafts if a fluiddampner is used, seems
that they tend to break the snout off of crankshafts! if it ain't good enough for Crower, it ain't good enough for me
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