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Questions about Sea Strainer and Outdrive Shower


Questions about Sea Strainer and Outdrive Shower

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Smile Questions about Sea Strainer and Outdrive Shower

Happy New Year -- and for all my fellow "northern folks" Yes, spring is just around the corner! I live in northern Indiana and it is snowing to beat the band right now with about 4" on the ground with 6-10" expected this afternoon.

Quick questions/recommendations

1. I've read a number of posts regarding the use of a Sea Strainer. We have a standard 7.4 MPI Bravo III. We strictly boat in an inland lake and Lord willing a couple of times to Lake Michigan this summer. Would such a system be any benefit??? If so what would you all recommend.

2. I would like to get a Drive Shower -- However, I have seen more "plumbing" configurations than you can shake a stick at. I've come across a system from Wags Engineering that really looks - and from the video - appears to be the best of all worlds. My question - Has anyone got experience with this drive shower and also if I were to purchase this do any of the O-rings need to be replaced when I take the "cap" off. Just so you know the second runner up is a plate Sport Tech shower.

Thanks for all your help/inputs

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Regarding the sea strainer, you kind of have to think about it like a little insurance. No strainer will stop fine silt from getting through, but it will stop coarse sand, mud, sea grass and bigger junk. And you are definitely better off cleaning that stuff out of the strainer than out of the cooling system of your engine. Now maybe where you boat, that isn't much of an issue... but IMO, you never know what's below the surface and if you come across some shallow water, you might start sucking that stuff up and it will tear apart an impeller in no time. I'm partial to the Teague strainers but there are others that are vey good as well. The important thing to consider for the strainer is the mounting location and the ease of getting the lid off when it's 100+ degrees in your engine compartment, and your hanging there upside down to clear it when the boat is rolling side to side. You also need to plumb in a ball valve on the inlet side so you stop the water flow while you take the lid off or you will flood your boat when doing so.

No experience with the drive shower you mentioned. Good luck...
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I have Halo drive showers on my boat and they seem to work fine, http://www.driveshowers.com/. My boat has Groco sea strainers, this model http://www.groco.net/strnrs.htm, they work fine and are easy to get the lid off and clean. They are mounted at the perfect height you can take the lid off and no water comes out, so I can flush the salt out of my engines with the boat still in the water. I don't think they are strong enough for a high speed boat mine goes almost 60. Unless you are frequently sucking up sand or something else or having impeller issues I really don't think you need a strainer.
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Judging by the amount of trash I blew out of my water pressure gauge instrument hose yesterday I definitely wish I had a sea strainer.

Anyone installed one after the impeller to catch those pieces when it frags?
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Originally Posted by Cole2534 View Post
Anyone installed one after the impeller to catch those pieces when it frags?
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Unless you are boating in deep water a strainer is a must for me. You can't believe how many times I have had to empty my strainer after running in shallow water. You don't realize how much debris gets sucked into your engine.
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