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DjMikeyC 07-05-2019 07:08 PM

sbc aftermarket cylinder heads
Hey all... thinking about upgrades to my 350 sbc and was looking at different cylinder heads. The engine was built from a Quicksilver reman SBC long block assembly, Quicksilver (merc) part # 87971R5. This is the GM 5.7 Litre "Non-Gen.+" 350 V/8, so these should be the older non-vortec heads. I was thinking of using a set of GM iron bowtie small port vortec heads (185cc intake runners) as I had very good results with them years ago on a sbc build when they first came on the market. Back then I paid just about $800 for a pair of bolt on heads, but I just priced them and was very surprised as they are now $828 per single head. So I came across the EngineQuest Hybrid Vortec Cylinder Head #CH350H heads or the CH350HA (assembled), anybody running these heads?

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