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Fresh 10-04-2020 08:45 PM

496 build thoughts
I have two 454 blocks standard bore laying around. I was thinking of building 496 with blower for a 10k boat . What kind of realistic power can I make with aftermarket aluminum heads pump gas and a 871 or 1071 blower

mike tkach 10-04-2020 08:52 PM

i built a pair with a solid roller cam,dart 345 heads and a pair of 1050 carbs.850 hp without an inner cooler with 8.71 blower.i was hoping for 800 hp and i did not expect the 850 number.btw,these engines are new and are for sale.15 k each asking price.add in,these are not my engines but they are in my shop.

Fresh 10-07-2020 01:11 PM

Really like that setup. Really good numbers too.

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