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zz28zz 11-06-2020 12:15 PM

Originally Posted by ThisIsLivin (Post 4764570)
I run nothing but the Gates high performance belts and have had good luck so far. Got over 11 years on the last set and I run pretty hard. Best part is pretty much any auto parts can get them.

I too am a big fan of Gates belts and hoses. I use them exclusively on my road vehicles. Never had a problem with any of them.

My old school Merc belts have proven to be very reliable. Mine are over 30 years old and still have life left in them. Only reason I replaced this one is because I had to cut it.

In regards to the new Merc belts, so far I'm not very impressed with their quality control.

zz28zz 11-06-2020 12:36 PM

Originally Posted by ICDEDPPL (Post 4764599)
You`re waaayyy over thinking this . it`s fine.

It's fIne?? OK... Send me $50 and you can own a brand spanking new Merc part that's significantly out of spec.

ThisIsLivin 11-07-2020 08:06 AM

Of course I do carry 2 sets of replacement belts. But I do boat in a water wilderness where you might not see another boat for a week and you donít see land.

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