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mopower 12-09-2002 04:34 PM

This should be an easy question:rolleyes:

I currently have the 3 wire alternators on my merc BB's. I want to put bigger single wire alternators in their place. I was told just connect the output wire and insulate and tie back the other two wires out of the way.

Any other opinions???

DonMan 12-09-2002 04:52 PM

Yes, that is basically how it is done. I have never performed this conversion on a boat, but have done a few on automobile`s. You only need the large, feed wire. You might find out how the voltage regulator is triggered (by rpm or ?). If triggered by rpm, your alternators won`t start charging until you rev your engines past about 2500 rpm. There are some single-wire alternators out there that have an ignitor wire built in that allows the alternator to begin charging at idle. You might want to make sure of which you have....
Good Luck!

Turbojack 12-09-2002 05:00 PM

I did my boat when the old motorla died & I was able to get a new single wire cheaper than repairing the old. I just took & cut the connectors off the ends of the wires. I then took some of the liquid electric take & put on end. I then tie raped them out of the way so they would not touch anything.

I have notices sometime I have to rev engine past an idle to get alt. working but no big deal.

mopower 12-09-2002 05:37 PM


"I then tie raped them out of the way so they would not touch anything. "

Sounds a little kinky to me but I'll keep it in mind:rolleyes:


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