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Brad Perry 02-11-2002 10:08 AM

Anyone know of a 502EFI nitrous kit?
Got a friend that wants to install a nitrous kit on his otherwise stock 502EFI in a fountain. A lake boat for short sprints. I would guess that someone must make a ready to install kit...

BAJA WILL 02-11-2002 03:42 PM

Jim V on here I think may run Nitro on his 27 Fever for LOTO shoot out. However, nitro will get him to speed faster, but only more prop and RPM will raise top speed. More prop = more torque, more HP= engine mods.

my 2 cents

Brad Perry 02-11-2002 06:17 PM

Agree, agree.

Myfriend says this boat is already a bit over propped, and I would steer him to a reasonable level to avoid the prop/rev limiter problems. More than about 300-400 rpms and I think he will hit the rev limiter anyway.

He's the kind of guy unfortunatley that will stand on the bottle all the way across the lake!!!

Mack312 02-11-2002 07:53 PM


NOS will do just about any set up you need. You will have to send the intakes to them if it is custom. The work is top grade. Give them a look. Another good group is Race Reserch

I ran a pair of 100 HP kits on a set of 350 MAG for 8 years. I built a little box (ya it was black) that looked at fuel pres, oil pres, and fuel flow. Most done with Hobbs sencors. If all was not AOK will the 350's it would not let me give it a shot. Also the box would only let me hammer the blue botton for 8 sec. That's why it is still together today. I sold it four years ago and it is still going strong.

Nitrous is great fun. Open the eng comp and see the blue bottles. People don't know what the hell to think!

RumRunner 02-11-2002 08:27 PM

Nitrous Works makes a simple fuel injection kit that is adjustable up to 100hp, and optional up to 175 that will bolt on that motor. Part # 13080, contact them at (706) 864-8544

BLOWN 1100 02-11-2002 08:28 PM

Go to page 2 and look at (NOS question Jim V)

Brad Perry 02-12-2002 10:12 AM

Thanks all!!

tomcat 02-12-2002 01:17 PM

I remember one of the nitrous companies making a kit for EFI that used a nitrous plate at the throttle body and changed either the ECM or the fuel pressure to add extra fuel through the injectors. As long as the amount of nitrous was small (75-100?HP) the injectors could handle the extra flow. That would be a neat system.

Brad, you're right about limiting power for prop choice and rev limit reasons, but even with a small shot of nitrous, your friend may still have to have his ECM reprogrammed to raise the rev limit, or his necessarily overpropped engine will be lugging too much under normal power. Check your email. I sent you some power vs. speed graphs.

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