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The Bravo Shop & Neo Synthetic Oil joins Maxed Out Motorsports for 2012!!!

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Thumbs up The Bravo Shop & Neo Synthetic Oil joins Maxed Out Motorsports for 2012!!!

Maxed Out Motorsports has some GREAT NEWS!!!! We are extremely happy to announce the addition of “The Bravo Shop” who is famous for their BMax outdrives and “Neo Synthetics” who is equally famous for their synthetics oils and lubes!!!! With talent like this aboard for the 2012 OPA racing season it will make for great racing! Using great products will help ensure Maxed Out Motorsports will stay on the water.

Here’s a little info about both.

The Bravo Shop:
In May 2010 John and Michell Pfahl purchased the Bravo shop and took 6 months to review the BMax outdrive and spent the next 5 months making the changes to the drive to enhance to operation of the drive. Everything from machining to castings were reworked to fixing other issues the drive had.
The BMax drives can be found throughout the world including Dubai , Australia , Iceland , Tahiti, all over the United States , Central and South America and the Caribbean . They are in many different applications from gas to diesel, in pleasure boats, work boats, high speed boats and military craft. Our BMax drive was designed to give our customers the best performance available as well as durability and longevity in environments where equipment is pushed to the limits.
We offer a warranty on our product that is second to none in the marine industry as far as horsepower and torque limits are concerned. And our patented water cooling for the BMax makes it the only drive in the world that is internally water cooled.
The upper gears and shafts of the BMax are made exclusively by us for our own drive. We do not buy someone else's and make them work, we have our own. The housings of the BMax are cast and machined by us also for our exclusive use. We are looking towards the future in developing new product changes for the BMax as well as developing a new lower to handle the larger horse power applications.
The Bravo Shop now has the only drive-temp sensor on the market available for purchase. Drive-Temp sensors are highly recommended for all high performance outdrives.
As new owners of the Bravo Shop, Inc., we look forward to meeting current owners of the BMax Drives, and also expanding our customer base. Please be assured that we will provide the best customer service possible.

Neo Synthetics:
Thirty years ago the thought of racing with synthetic lubricants was given very little consideration, due primarily to the fact that petroleum based oils were providing adequate protection for the technology and speeds of the era. Today, the demand for better lubrication in the high-performance racing industry is as severe as the 200+ miles per hour speeds a given racecar travels around the race track. Advanced technology has led to the need for lubricants to provide better than adequate protection and to have the ability to substantially reduce heat and friction, thus dramatically increasing the life of parts and components.
The full line of NEO’s 100% Synthetic Racing Oils and Greases are a chemistry blend of lubricants, designed to have the exceptional capability to target and provide unmatched lubricating to a specific area or application in need of severe protection. This consequently supplies general high-performance lubricating needs, with protection way beyond the limits of what is necessary. Advantage is what all race teams continuously search for and word spread fast that NEO Racing Lubricants were enabling several race teams, including a large number of Formula 1 teams in Europe the opportunity to overcome some genuine problems they were experiencing. The Formula 1 program was the springboard back in 1985, when Team Benetton approached NEO with a severe constant velocity joint problem, where they reported the recurring annoyance of not being able to finish races due to failing C. V. joints.
NEO Lubricants not only cured the problem but extended the life of the C.V. joints by 500% and enabled Team Benetton to go on and win the 1986 Mexican Grand Prix. Soon after, March Engineering (The world largest racecar manufacturer and supplier of Indy Car gearboxes) heard about NEO and after extensive testing, gave NEO Lubricants the exclusive recommendation as the only lubrication to run. Currently, NEO Racing Lubricants are being tested and used by the top NASCAR, CART, Formula 1 and IRL teams as well as several SCCA and ALMS competitors, and now into the marine market. Interest continues to grow because of NEO’s successful track record and innovative developments like LW 18 Gear Oil. NEO Synthetic Racing Lubricants are more than just lubrication; they are the Superior Advantage, with developmental technology second to none.
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