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LSC and the Canadian waters

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Originally Posted by laszlo01 View Post
Never heard of this June 1st requirement. Do you have a link to it ? would be helpful.
The June 1st date was told to me by the St Clair race committee as just one more glitch to work out for the race coming up. I have done all the pace boat starts there for the last 10++ years, so every year there is always something new to work out. Most of the these laws are subject to the interpretation of the officer on scene. That is why I said check with your local officials on how they see it.
Here is a link to the Canadian laws that will really make your head spin.
And here is what you need to do if boating in Canadian waters.
[◦Private boaters that are strictly weaving in and out of Canadian waters but are not in transit, are required to call the TRC only once at the time of their initial entry into Canadian waters. If this activity changes, i.e., the vessel docks in Canada or takes on new persons or goods while in foreign waters, the boaters must report to a CBSA designated marine reporting site and call the TRC to obtain clearance.
◦All other private boaters, including those without cellular telephones, must proceed to a CBSA designated marine telephone reporting site and place a call to the TRC to obtain CBSA clearance. This includes all vessels carrying individuals who are not Canadian or U.S. citizens or permanent residents.]
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Originally Posted by h2oboater View Post
[◦Private boaters that are strictly weaving in and out of Canadian waters but are not in transit
The way this reads (IMO) traveling through Canada is not subject to this law. I would consider traveling from PIB to my port on a direct line through Canada being in transit. It appears this applies to racing or fishing where you will be "weaving in and out of Canadian waters....
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----There was an article on this late last week in the Pt.Huron paper. It sure does seem like some sort of payback for what they percieve as draconian US rules. I live just south of Marine City on the river and it seems like the Canadians are really sticking to thier side this year. I see signs of that every day. The worst part is that they just say "Canadian waters". They dont say where the line is. No one likes getting boarded and having some sort of implied threat that you are going to owe a grand or your boat if you happen to drift over some invisible line.......Bill S
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Interesting reading and always good to know the actual rules. Thank you for the info.
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