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lavey jr 01-26-2018 11:28 PM

New 2750 NuEra MCOB twin outboards
This build has been going on for a while now but never made its way on to this forum.

As the title says, it is a Lavey Craft 2750 NuEra mid cabin open bow with twin outboards. The engines of choice for this build are twin Mercury 300xs. Yes, I know and understand that the biggest outboard craze right now is the Merc 400R but this customer specifically wanted the 300xs and being a custom boat, the customer gets what the customer wants. Lavey Craft does not have an outboard specific mold for the 2750 so a little bit of cutting and modifying was needed to get the engines to fit. In some of the pictures you will notice that they were able to keep a small useable swim platform on each side of the engines, pretty cool feature especially when some other boats completely eliminate the integrated swim platform in their builds.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I will do my best to update the build as it goes along!

lavey jr 01-26-2018 11:37 PM

Swim platform modification.

The boat is now over at our interior shop getting mocked up. Pictures are from when it was dropped off.

mikebrls 01-27-2018 08:30 AM

nice :) work

BeaverJ 01-28-2018 09:39 PM

2750 is hands down the sexiest boat made! Wish I could find a used one.

lavey jr 02-24-2018 09:12 PM

The boat is coming along very nice!
Here are a couple recent pics that were sent to me. Dash layout is done, both engines are fully mounted along with the trim tabs. The rear compartment flooring has started. Can barely see it in the pics but the dash is installed... Next up in line should be under deck carpet, finish up the wiring, stereo, install interior...

lavey jr 04-13-2018 12:36 AM

This boat hit the water this week to start it's testing and setup. So far it has ran low 80's with stock 26 Bravo1 RS. They have since raised the engines up 1" and are waiting on a couple different sets of props to continue testing and setup the next couple days. If any of you will be at the Lake Havasu Desert Storm Poker Run, this boat will be there so keep an eye out!

lavey jr 04-15-2018 12:19 AM

Doing a little bit of prop slip calculations... I had to recheck this about 10 times on two different websites to make sure because it sounded outrageous!

On the original very first run with this boat it was getting 1% slip!!

LIQUID THUNDER 04-15-2018 01:28 AM

The 300 motors have 1.62 gears

8% slip with motors 1-1/2 below bottom at 5,900 rpms
11% slip with motors 1/2 below at 6,200 rpm

Still good numbers, with lots more there with more prop testing, and playing with motor heights over the next few weeks.

Uncle Dave 04-15-2018 11:44 AM

With the jack plate set 1/2" below with 5 people (4 dudes and a chick) and 50 gallons on the boat and a small amount of stuff it was pretty easy to blast up to 82mph with very conservative trim.

It was an 82 degree day on the water and the elevation is about 1290 feet above sea level.

The boats a dream with absolutely zero drama even in dead calm flat water and will hold plane at 18 MPH.

Just mash it and go and trim it up bit by bit as you roll through the MPH. Your grandma could drive it and It definitely turns better than my big single.

Pull back a bit and the thing is an effortless cruiser at 75 with 5 peeps and 50 gallons on board.

There is more to go with props and tuning still, but as a bone stock all rounder what I experienced yesterday is pretty hard to beat.


lavey jr 05-05-2018 10:11 PM

Posting an update on here for anyone interested on this build.

So far the best speed is 88.4 MPH at 5900 RPM spinning 31 pitch Spinelli DR4's. The handling is amazing and will only continue to get better!

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