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avbiro 05-29-2018 03:34 PM

Amplifier location suggestions - 29 NuEra
I am reaching out to 27 and 29 NuEra owners in regards to where to mount a audio Amplifier or 2. Currently my amp is located in the cabin behind a back cushion on one of the sideways benches. Even with the cushion removed I am having issues with the amp going into protective mode due to over heating. When it is cool outside it usually is not a problem.

I notice at least one Lavey owner mounted their amp behind the little storage door to the left when you step into the cabin (see picture below took from a post on Uncle Daves build). Basically it mounts to the back side of the Passenger Fire Fall (not sure what to call it) My concern with this location is the that fiber glass only looks to be about 3/4” deep before cutting through the fire wall so the passenger will see the tips of the screws. Since most of my boating is in the ocean I am concerned a 1/2” Screw will not hold it over time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I could also use a recommendation on cost effect Amps. JL Audio is too expensive and I can’t hear music when running at 50 plus MPH any ways. Currently I have (4) JL Audio M770 and (2) M880

avbiro 05-30-2018 10:08 PM

So I can only assume that my question has been asked and answered many times before on Lavey's forum and no one wants to help me out? Either that or no one with a 27 or 29 owns a AMP to power their speakers????

lavey jr 05-31-2018 03:25 PM

Mr. Biro,

Is there any way to add an inline fan where your amp is currently at to help the cooling? I'm pretty sure Lavey has done that a few times.

As for Dave's boat, I don't remember if that gear is mounted directly to that wall or if they added in another bulkhead and mounted it to that.

Sorry I don't have much advice or knowledge on this specific topic

avbiro 05-31-2018 05:30 PM

I could add a fan and have it exhaust into the to the section under the sink. I would need a inlet though. What are your thoughts about mounting the AMP on one of the side benches in the cabin were you sit side ways. (See pic below)
Since the base cushion extends out a bit the rear of my legs will not get burned if touched. I just don't know how much depth I have to mount the AMP.

lavey jr 05-31-2018 06:35 PM

I see three options for the fan and ducting... One, you could have the fan only blowing in to the compartment and let the air find its own way out because the cushions aren't completely air tight. Two, create a "spacer" out of 1/4" plywood and cover with carpet or vinyl where the velcro portions are and then re-staple the velcro to that in turn creating an air gap. With that option you could run the fan either direction. Three, create two duct holes one being for the fan and one being open to allow fresh air in/out.

As for mounting them under the seat cushion. That depends on if there's enough space/width and if you want the amp to be visible. That location will also put them out in the elements a little more making them more prone to getting wet or bumped in to.

Schweeng 06-01-2018 02:20 PM

Mine currently are in the compartment with you can access the sink...there is a shelf (two amps there) and then a small vertical wall in same compartment for a third amp
Also seen them mounted on fire wall of a 29...right hand side.

avbiro 06-03-2018 10:51 PM

Are you saying you mounted your AMPs under the sink? Yes there a access door but you have to move the whole sink assembly to screw the AMPs down. I install one there as well but again no real ventilation. Also really hard to access all the wires once it is all put back together again. I really like where Uncle Dave mounted his but I think Lavey Craft beefed up that area to accommodate his Radar and other electronics. I'll keep searching for a location. Thank you and Chris Jr. for your input.

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