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GreenGo25 10-17-2018 03:46 PM

Sport 25
Magnum 25 Sport Classic




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Hull Number: MAG250091172
Hull Color: Green
Engines: 2 small block Chevy (Volvo 225ís)
Engine Hours: 1267

Second Owner, Since 1980, fresh water only,Lake Mead, Nevada. Good condition. Original engines, run great, have never needed repair. Heavy Duty Trailer. Port outdrive cone clutch will need to be replaced.

madbouyz 10-18-2018 07:57 AM

If what I've heard about production numbers is correct that could be the brochure boat you have . Supposedly there were only 2 green 25's made . One was the twin engine boat in the brochure the other was a slightly later single engine 25 that I now have.
Out of interest if you go through this forum you can find posts of some of the early brochures , probably put up by Mr Vinyl .

GreenGo25 10-18-2018 11:58 AM

Thanks Madbouyz,
I have that brochure. Quite amazing that it might be our boat. The previous owners bought it from Magnum. I see that you have a Donzi. I had a 24' Donzi cuddy cabin with twin Holman Moody engines before the Magnum.

madbouyz 10-19-2018 07:09 AM

Very cool . What model Donzi 24 was it that you had ? If it had HM engines I can only think of one or two that it might have been .
The story about there only being two green Mag 25s was relayed to my brother at one of the Miami boat shows a few years back by a guy who was working at the Magnum booth. In his younger days he used to lay them up so we would like to believe that he knew his history .
According to your hull number it came out of the mold on the 11th of September 1972
Mine is MAG250080273

GreenGo25 10-19-2018 02:07 PM

I don't remember the model. We only had if for a year and a half. I looked online and couldn't find a picture of one similar. It didn't look like a typical Donzi except for the bottom of the hull. It was raised to enter the cuddy cabin and looked like a 60's or 70's Skipjack. A friend of mine had a Donzi 21. I loved the sound.
Thanks again for the Magnum information. We've enjoyed it for may years.

madbouyz 10-19-2018 02:17 PM

hmm , I'm not familiar with Skipjacks but the only two models that I can think of that might fit the bill were the '7 Meter' and one of the Harry Shoell designed 24 footers , but it's less likely that the 24' series by Harry had HMs in them than the 7 Meter .
I believe that Brownie had something to do with the 7 Meters
In a few years , looking back , I'm sure you're going to miss the Magnum. It's a great hull , very hefty build and thus weight with a fantastic ride. Not a rocket by today's standards but it can crush its way through anything .

GreenGo25 10-22-2018 02:07 PM

I have missed the Magnum for about 9 years. We put it in dry storage because we both had some mobility issues and there it has remained.
I'll see if I can find any pictures of our old Donzi.

madbouyz 10-23-2018 12:12 PM

And include a pic of the Magnum too if you can !

(oops , you need 10 posts before you can put up pics )

GreenGo25 10-23-2018 12:54 PM

Thanks, I didn't know that.

madbouyz 10-23-2018 12:58 PM

You can always cheat and post the required number of single word messages .. lol

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