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larslindroth 04-23-2020 04:04 AM

Offtrack, in tune with nature, by way of manpower in dories.
This video shouldn't belong on this forum, with boats far from offshore and without horsepower. Since these are not normal times we live in, and the character of humanity is truly being tested, well then this short documentary might still do the trick for us that traditionally love it offshore. Scarab founder Larry Smith used to race boats in the 1960s with his pals Pete Rothschild and Chuck Daigh. These guys had one quality in common, and Pete Rothschild even made it his motto; "to adept is humanity's greatest quality". I believe this film shows that adepting, respecting and to flow with the power of nature, does make life extraordinary special.

larslindroth 04-23-2020 01:51 PM

While I'm off topic, why not with the force of the wind also?

larslindroth 04-23-2020 05:08 PM

Human beings transformed by The Sea.

Twin O/B Sonic 04-23-2020 05:32 PM

The test of our grit?

Just read today of a couple that spent a month sailing across the Atlantic, from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean.
They Told their family to not tell them of any bad news during their trip.

They arrived in the Caribbean today and were told they could not dock and why and joined many boaters waiting to get off their boats.

I was raised to accept a challenge as just that.
Do your due diligence and adapt.

Aint nothin but a thing 😉

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