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hogie roll 07-23-2018 02:48 PM

39 Questions
How fast do they run with triples? How much do they burn?

Comfortable to stay on?

Ive been interested in them. I’d especially appreciate someone’s input that has been on a Marlago too.

Thank you

SkaterMike82 11-14-2018 04:44 PM

You can not compare a Midnight Express to a Marlago especially a Tom Mason Midnight 2000-2006ish. They run AMAZING in rough water and head seas. Not the fastest but it will get you there in one piece. Triples in a 39 low to mid 60's quads low 70's. Quad do have a hard time doing sharp turns as they have a 9'6 beam. Cabin is limited but doable. No stand up head. Pump out in the console or cabin depending what yr. As long as the boat is updated, you can not tell the difference between a 2000 and 2018 39.

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