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Bad to the bone 04-20-2021 08:49 AM

Lake Ozarks Dock Electrician
Looking for certified electrician to wire new bar on a new dock in next week or two. any suggestions be appreciated.

SB 04-20-2021 09:20 AM

Id probably avoid Ruth Langmore.
psst: sorry, just had to. Perfect opportunity. Lololol

Bad to the bone 04-20-2021 10:14 AM

Right i will watch for that

bajaholic 04-20-2021 11:25 AM

Your scheduling may not be realistic? Everyone is slammed with business especially with opening up for the spring. That being said, here is one of our electricians that we use. Stacie: 573-200-1818. He is a master electrician and certified...

F-2 Speedy 04-20-2021 12:02 PM

Since when does sparky need to be certified to work on a LOTO dock......just kidding, are you needing shore to dock power or on dock work ?

Bad to the bone 04-20-2021 12:28 PM

the way i understand it all electrical work on dock has to be done by Ameren certified company please correct me if i am wrong

Helmwurst 04-20-2021 03:47 PM

Not necessarily, but it definaetly needs to be inspected

Mentalpause 04-21-2021 09:57 AM

We use Dissen Electric. Always does a nice job.

Bad to the bone 04-21-2021 10:04 AM

Great Thanks

Helmwurst 04-21-2021 07:45 PM

Call Bill @ A BetterElectrical

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