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Outerlimits Powerboats Debuts Two New Models at the Miami Boat Show

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Default Outerlimits Powerboats Debuts Two New Models at the Miami Boat Show


Outerlimits Powerboats kicks off its 15th year with the debut of two new models at the Miami International Boat Show, February 14-19. One model will be on display at booth #3330 on the patio at the Miami Beach Convention Center; another will be in the water at slip #210 at the Sea Isle Marina, downtown Miami.

The racing heritage of Outerlimits, that goes back to Fiore’s Championship titles and his father, Paul’s mentoring, are evident in the race-inspired SV-43 and 41 SL models. The SV-43 is a new race boat, an evolution of the SV-40 that won the 2006 OSS National and World Championship titles and raced to acclaim in the 2007 Powerboat P1 European circuit. The new boat will be on display at booth #3330 on the patio of the Miami Beach Convention Center. It will also be available as a recreational model, though the first model was sold as a 2008 entry for the 2006 Powerboat P1 World Champion OSG Italian team.

The 41’ SL, “Super Leggera” (Italian for Light-weight) is also inspired by the same race boat model, but was adapted to a recreational boat. “While as born competitors, we love racing, and use it as R&D for our line, our focus is building strong, fast and reliable recreational boats,” says Fiore, “The 41 SL will give our customers the chance to experience the thrills that we had in racing last year.”

The 41 SL and SV 43 are examples of Outerlimits’ ongoing work to make adjustments to each model they create, in pursuit of the perfect powerboat. Also on display at the Convention Center booth will be a new 46’ Limited model, one of Outerlimits most popular boats. The 46’ Limited features top-of-the-line design options from luxurious cabin to custom-built cockpit. Outerlimits shows this model with Mercury Racing 1075 SCi’s as it is one of the most popular engine packages for the company’s high-horsepower fevered customer base.

While speed is one priority, safety is also top-of-mind, so Outerlimits constructs each boat with strength and safety as part of its design. The company also underwrites the cost and requires that each of its new boat buyers enroll in a Tres Martin Performance Boat School, to ensure that the boat owner can safely enjoy the power of the Outerlimits Powerboat.

Outerlimits has led the custom-built performance boat industry in image, construction and design, specializing in carbon fiber and epoxy lay-ups, post-cured in a computerized heating and cooling process. This aircraft or race car-style construction ensures that each Outerlimits Powerboat is extremely lightweight, yet strong, and its finish is impervious to the harsh marine elements. “When I started this company, I had grown up in the boat-building business with my father. I knew how to build a good boat and I decided I only wanted to build the BEST boats,” states Mike Fiore, owner and president of Outerlimits, “We developed the models and building process to make Outerlimits stand head and shoulders above other brands, and I think the models we are displaying this year in Miami are strong examples of who we are—as a name and as a brand.”

“Our existing customers and new customers want to see what we are doing because they know we are never satisfied. We probably have more models than any other manufacturer, but that is because we build a custom-designed boat for each of our customers,” Fiore states, “That ability to customize and to be willing to constantly evolve our line is what makes Outerlimits different—and better than anyone else in our field. We firmly believe that no one else can touch us!”


The new Outerlimits 41’ Super Leggera will debut at the Miami International Boat Show, February 14-19. “Leggera” is the Italian word for light weight, combined with Outerlimits’ long-standing reputation for strength and durability. Add Mercury Racing’s legacy for power and “Super Leggera” says it all—taking it to the edge with the most reliable, fast and exciting ride on water.

The company created a new World Championship race boat in 2006, which it tweaked for 2007. Outerlimits successfully raced the boat in Europe’s Powerboat P1 circuit and brought the boat into its recreational model selection as well. “We felt that the R&D we did in racing had even more applications in our recreational boat line, so we have been working on the new Outerlimits SL. Our new Italian race team and the innovations of Italian automotive companies gave us further inspiration to create the Super Leggera—the name suits our construction style,” said Mike Fiore, founder and president of Outerlimits.

Outerlimits has led the high-performance boating industry in its carbon-fiber, ultra light construction. This technical, aircraft-style material, coupled with epoxy resin, post-cured in a temperature controlled oven, ensures that the finish of each Outerlimits Powerboat is impeccable.

The first 41 SL is powered by Mercury Racing 700 SCi engines with NXT drives. “This is an ideal engine package for this boat,” says Fred Kiekhaefer, president of Mercury Racing.

See the Mercury Racing-powered Outerlimits Super Leggera at the Miami International Boat Show, in slip #210 at the Sea Isle Marina, downtown Miami. Outerlimits Powerboats will also display on the Patio of the Miami Beach Convention Center, Booth #3330.


Based on the success of the Outerlimits SV-40, Outerlimits Powerboats has created the new SV-43, to debut at the Miami International Boat Show, February 14, 2008. (Booth 3330, Patio of the Miami Beach Convention Center) The boat was designed and built for Giancarlo Cangiano of the Italian OSG Racing Team to campaign in the 2008 Powerboat P1 circuit.

“We gained much in our first year of racing in Europe,” said Mike Fiore, owner and president of Outerlimits, “We built our international presence, signed an exceptional Italian World Championship team to represent Outerlimits in 2008, and we discovered some ways to adjust our very well-received SV-40 for the longer distance endurance races and rough water in Europe. The SV-43 is the evolution of our model for the Powerboat P1 Evolution Class.”

After Joe Sgro won the 2006 OSS Vee National and World Championships in the SV-40, Outerlimits modified the canopy and raced the boat in Europe in 2007. Sgro will join Cangiano at throttles this year in Europe. “As a 25-year veteran racer who knows the intricacies of this boat, Joe will provide an extra competitive edge in the cockpit” states Fiore, “He and Giancarlo will prove that our low-profile, gasoline, Mercury Racing-powered hull can out-perform anyone in the Evolution class.”

The corresponding power will also evolve as Mercury Racing is again teaming with Outerlimits for a power-to-weight package to accommodate the new boat. The European certified EU662 engines with NXT1 drives were introduced in 2007, and according to Mercury Racing President, Fred Kiekhaefer, “Outerlimtis and Powerboat P1 offered a great way to show the world an emissions compliant powerhouse.”

“We build our boats from carbon fiber and epoxy to be strong and light,” says Fiore, “So we are building this boat to conform to the rules of Powerboat P1, rather than adapt our own model as we did last year. We are pleased that the rules changes for 2008 include a full canopy so we can ensure the safety of our racers and use the original canopy we designed for the SV-40,” he adds.

Cangiano visited Outerlimits’ Bristol, Rhode Island factory to learn more about the construction of his new boat and was impressed. “The team at Outerlimits is extremely dedicated to building the best boat on the market—anywhere! I am excited to have the team who will bring this technology and design to Europe as we are also very dedicated to winning the Powerboat P1 World Championship again!” he says, “I can’t wait to get this boat in the Mediterranean, though I look forward to testing it in the Atlantic Ocean in February. Miami will be an exciting show!”

Dean Loucks of The Art of Design is creating a new OSG/Outerlimits paint scheme for the Italian team who may announce an additional sponsor by the 2008 race season. The color scheme incorporates the team’s penchant for bright red—the color of passion. “We anticipate a very successful season!” says Cangiano.

Outerlimits Powerboats will also have its new 41’ Super Leggera on display at the SeaIsle Marina, slip #210, during the Miami International Boat Show.
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