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Making a Statement! Performance Boats Take a New Twist at Miami Boat Show

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Default Making a Statement! Performance Boats Take a New Twist at Miami Boat Show

St. Petersburg, FL - The search for the perfect boat led to two new powerboat entries in the2009 Miami International Boat Show. STATEMENT Marine, LLC, a new St. Petersburg, Florida company, will introduce a 41’ Vee bottom and a 50’ catamaran, at booth #3790 on the Patio, outside the Miami Beach Convention Center. The new boats resulted from a “think tank” of powerboat enthusiasts and engineers who incorporated hydrodynamics, aerodynamics and ergonomics, into top-quality performance boat design.

“Innovation, engineering and technology are some traits that STATEMENT brings to the market which for years has been building powerboats ‘the way we have always done it,’” said marine industry veteran, Gene Weeks, who recently joined STATEMENT as General Manager. “Over the past four decades, innovative people have built some awesome boats. However, in recent years, the tendency has been to stretch, chop, widen and massage what we already had. When I saw the ‘missing links’ that a couple of reputable, creative guys were considering, I thought, these guys have some—let’s say, guts!’--and I had to be a part of it,” he added.

New concepts came from Nick Buis, a Florida native who has competed in and worked on boats his entire life, and Todd Werner, a World Champion APBA Super Cat racer who knew what he did and did not like in his prior catamarans and V-bottoms. As he and Buis compared notes on “the perfect boat,” they consulted friend and boat builder Mark Spates and the three businessmen decided to “Make a STATEMENT!” They built two new models from scratch in the company’s state-of-the-art 40,000 s.f. facility, which includes a specially-designed thermal chamber to accommodate high temperatures for post-curing epoxy composite laminates. Both boats, the V-bottom, powered by Mercury Racing 1075 SCi’s and the 50’ Cat with an engine program under development, have signature features including an “air cushion cockpit” designed to mitigate the shock of a rough water ride. This technology was derived after “years of getting beat up on the race course!” states Werner who has filed for a patent on this and several other aspects of the new boats’ construction, including the cat’s tunneled hull.

STATEMENT’s new technologies and designs were combined to develop boats capable of sustaining high speeds for long periods without compromising safety and comfort while also sustaining lower speeds with handling ease. “Harnessing the energy and creativity of this team is a full-time and sometimes daunting task!” exclaims Weeks, “But the end result be a tremendous benefit to the customer!”

“’Making a STATEMENT’ takes in physics as well as philosophy and life style,” says Werner, “We have teamed experts from unrelated disciplines to explore how to make boats better. It is what our name means--STATEMENT is a force in new ways of looking at both the aerodynamics and hydrodynamics of powerboating.” With some self-effacing, self-reflection, Buis looked at his and Werner’s shaved heads and said, “Maybe two bald guys just had a great ‘hair’-brained idea!”

A website is under development and information is available through Gene Weeks at 727-235-9846,or [email protected]. Photos available upon request.

# # #

STATEMENT! Specifications:

Statement 42’ V-Bottom:

Length: 42’
Beam: 8’ 2”
Dead Rise: variable
Draft: 30”
Power: Mercury Racing 1075 Sci’s (2)
Propellers: Merc SSM
Fuel Capacity: 225 gallons
Hull Weight: 9,000 lbs.
Construction: Kevlar, E-glass, foam composite (vacuum bagged, post-cured)
Steering: Latham Marine

Statement 50’ Catamaran

Length: 50’
Beam: 12’
Dead Rise: variable
Draft: 30”
Power: under development, customer options available
Propellers: Merc SSM
Fuel Capacity: 350 gallons
Hull Weight: 10,000 lbs.
Construction: Kevlar, E-glass, foam composite (vacuum bagged, post-cured)
Steering: Latham Marine

STATEMENT! Principle Bios

Todd Werner

Werner is a motorhead. A semi-retired successful inventor/entrepreneur, he made a hobby of powerful machines—muscle cars and powerboats. Competitive in nature, performance boating in both V-bottoms and catamarans led to racing and Werner made winning a habit under the name of ProMarine, Flowmaster, Nichols Racing and others. As he searched for a new pleasure boat, he found nothing on the market that suited his specifications so he consulted with friend, Nick Buis.

Nick Buis

A Tampa Bay native, Buis grew up on the water, training for competitive water skiing. His passion for powerboats led to starting a marine service and later Poker Run concierge business. Experiencing the features and rides of many boats fed Buis’ desire to design and build a new line of performance boats—superior to anything else on the market. Sharing that dream with Werner took it to new levels as the duo decided to Make a STATEMENT!

Mark Spates

Known for designing and building the full canopy Class “A” boat back in 19__, Spates saw his boat shape and dominate one of the most popular offshore racing classes. He started Extreme Powerboats and continued to innovate, working with the APBA to develop practical, safe “Lavin” canopied race boats (named for deceased racer, Mark Lavin). Spates continued to hone his concept with the introduction of the GM Vortec race boat which still holds records in the Super Vee Lite class.

Gene Weeks

A 25+ year veteran of the marine industry, Weeks has worked in sales, service, racing, design and manufacturing. His love for performance boats led from one company and position to another, always learning, developing and adding expertise to each position. His ease with people, race boats and racers built his performance repertoire and now Weeks puts all his experience together in Making a STATEMENT!

Statements about STATEMENT!

- STATEMENT! Is the only boat company to simultaneously introduce a new cat and new V-bottom together at the same boat show.

- STATEMENT! Boats are crafted, not built on a CAD system—the designs began on a napkin and evolved into two totally custom-built boats.

- The management team of STATEMENT works together as a nucleus of boat builders, making decisions based on individual experience in racing, pleasure boating, manufacturing, sales and service. The boats are built in harmony to be user friendly.

- The soft, comfortable upholstery in STATEMENT boats takes inspiration from the auto industry, so seating is ergonomic, impact resistant and has UV protection in an array of styles and textures.

- STATEMENT’s specially designed and machined hydraulic engine hatch hinges, open to the portside to accommodate the unusual aerodynamic design and shape of the hatch.

- The dual helm STATEMENT dash is digital and includes Mercury’s Race View as a “pop-up” feature, as the 10” Navistar screen monitors engine function, as well as well as navigation.

- Both STATEMENT’S catamaran hull and its capsule cabin design have been filed for federal design patents.

- The STATEMENT factory has heritage in the boating industry as the original home for Gulf Star and subsequently for Viking and Lazzara Yachts. The infrastructure was boat-specific and sound, so STATEMENT made minor renovations to make all 40,000 s.f. a modern boat building facility.

- STATEMENT has its own mobile, 24’ x 75’ thematic controlled environment that provides a stable temperature and environment for post-curing the decks and hulls.
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