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Dave Scott's Nauti-Marine takes top honers at 2009 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout

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Default Dave Scott's Nauti-Marine takes top honers at 2009 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout

CONGRATULATIONS: Dave Scott's Nauti-Marine takes top honers and retains his record at the 2009 Lake of the Ozarks Shoot Out...TOP GUN!!!

Sunrise Beach, MO, August 30, 2009...The day wasn't without it's challenges for the MYSTIC Team attempting it’s continued dominance of the TOP GUN Title at the 2009 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Sunrise Beach, MO. In the words of Championship contending MYSTIC driver Dave Scott, “ of the engines is hurt, I have a broken leg, two broken ribs and the crew got 2 hours of sleep last night.. but WE’RE READY! So was the MYSTIC C5000-R.

And ready they were. The water conditions were not great. A beam wind was blowing across the course at a brisk 10+ MPH (toward the rock shore). Most of the big cats needed to use the early morning cool temperatures to quicken yesterdays speeds. They had already been on the course and it was not going well. Anxiety was running high.

Just as the PA/radio simulcast announcer said that Saturday’s top runs had been increased (168 was Saturday's highest speed) to 169, 170 and then 171… the Dave Scott/Johnny Tomlinson piloted MYSTIC took to the course. Tomlinson stated, “…we had accelerated to 32 MPH (2 MPH over the 30 MPH start-speed-limit)…the approach flagman kept us clean and we slowed under 30, then accelerated again and we were off. The John Cosker designed MYSTIC immediately came to life on the metered mile. John states, “…we have such an advantage here, acceleration is a factor of hull design and weight. Dave Scott’s all carbon fiber MYSTIC hull and deck weigh under 5,000 pounds. This is how we do what we do here.” He continued, “…Dave’s working hard to catch my and Dave Callan’s turbine record of 209 MPH…he just might do it!”

The Cosker designed MYSTIC has captured a continual streak of victories from 2005 forward. The potential win of the 2009 event would place MYSTIC in contention for Manufacturer’s Title. But finishing far ahead, of any other manufacturer, with one swift run was the goal of the day. Dave Scott knew they were down on power on the port engine. He could feel the pain from his injuries and yet he was confident of the boat. “…all I could think of was let’s just get through this run.” said, Scott. “I could see that the port engine was down 500 RPM and we were crabbing into a stiff side wind…but all I could think of is let’s just make it through (the metered mile)”
Make it they did…the abundant sound of cheers rose above the din of high revving V-8’s as the race official’s burst out with…”…and we have a new TOP SPEED of the day…196 miles per hour!”

The 196 was good enough for Dave Scott and Johnny Tomlinson to call it a day. At that point in time they were 20+ MPH above any other boat. Tomlinson stated, “...If we had healthy engines (the port engine may have been injured in Saturday’s time trials) …we, for sure, would have seen well over 200.” He continued, “…the boat was capable of more…MUCH MORE…It runs very stable, very flat, VERY FAST…It runs as good as it looks.”

The chase for the illusive 200 (MPH) at The Shootout is not new. The Cosker Design, MYSTIC has proven it possible…with repetitive success. In 2005, 2006 and 2007 Dave Callan and John Cosker won the Top Gun honors at 201, 208 and 209 MPH respectively, with turbine power. But on this day, Dave Scott attempted it in a piston powered MYSTIC. Dave states, “…the turbine definitely has the advantage coming out of the hole….the starting torque of the turbine is amazing but the midrange of the piston engine is definitely stronger there…this new 30 MPH opening speed makes it interesting.” “… next year we’ll be back, good Lord willing…we’re going for it.”
The dominance of the boats is not only in the straight line. Currently, in the Turbine Extreme Class in Superboat International, the “national SBI Point Standings” rank MYSTIC 1-2-3 heading into the final few events for the Championship. MYSTIC will represent most, if not all, of the Turbine Entries, in the upcoming SBI World Championships to be held at Key West, Florida.

John Arruda says, “…MYSTIC is a natural choice for our power. They are lightweight and excessively strong..which is what we need to hold the power of the Turbine Marine, near 2,000 HP engines.” “We are proud to be with John Cosker and MYSTIC in leading the current SBI National Points chase and look forward to coming back to Lake of the Ozarks for a future Shootout.”

“We are introducing our new Open Canopy MYSTIC’s now and for next year… we might be surprised at how many MYSTIC’s come to chase Dave (Scott),” says Cosker. He continues, “There’s something really humbling about the Shootout. It’s the real “truth serum” in performance boating…. WE LOVE IT!!”

For video, go here:

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