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Outerlimits Powerboats Conquers the World!

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Default Outerlimits Powerboats Conquers the World!

The #88 SNAV OSG Outerlimits SV – 43 owned and throttled by Giancarlo Cangiano won the 2009 Powerboat P1 World Championship in the extremely competitive Evolution class. The Powerboat P1 Series competes in 5 different Venues in 4 different countries throughout Europe. The SNAV OSG team fought hard and won 5 of 10 races. With Giancarlo Cangiano throttling, and the driving duties split between Giovanni Carpitella and Hannes Bohinc, the combination of A Fast Well Handling Boat, Skill, Organization, and technology provided a hard fought and well earned World Championship.

#88 SNAV OSG was joined in the Evolution Class by another Outerlimits SV‐43, #77 Lucas Oil Outerlimits. The two boats combined finished in either 1st or 2nd Place in 9 of 10 races, earning Outerlimits Powerboats the coveted Manufacturer’s Championship. The Evolution Class was created for manufacturer’s to showcase specialty purpose built race boats. The two Outerlimits that competed in the Evolution Class were stock production models, modified slightly to meet Powerboat P 1’s stringent safety requirements.

The Evolution Class World Championship & The Manufacturers World Championship in Powerboat P1
are a perfect follow up to the SBI Superboat Vee Unlimited World Championship won by Joe Sgro, Nigel Hook and Outerlimits’ Mike Fiore in the Lucas Oil Outerlimits SV‐43, making Outerlimits the Unified World Champion.

Outerlimits will be back to defend its World Championships in 2010, as always using production pleasure boats. The fact that Outerlimits can successfully compete in World Class Offshore Racing utilizing stock production boats is real testament to the Carbon Fiber Epoxy construction used throughout Outerlimits’ expansive product line.

Outerlimits Powerboats have gathered data from racing throughout the world and applied that practical knowledge throughout the entire product line, resulting in a completely new line of the fastest, best handling, and most technologically advanced powerboats in the world. Worldwide dominance in Offshore Racing in a product that the consumer can actually buy is a major contributing factor to Outerlimits’ current extensive sales backlog that stretches clear across the World. With success on the race course, strong sales worldwide, and a continued commitment to bring new technology to the marketplace Outerlimits has conquered the World!

Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats fills a unique niche in the offshore high performance industry by delivering custom, made to order powerboats for select clientele. Outerlimits has been a cutting edge company, staying ahead of its competitors since its inception in 1993. Through their innovations and a team of professionals who combine their individual talents to produce a level of craftsmanship that
cannot be equaled, Outerlimits has been building boats that surpassed the others in design, luxury, and performance.

For further information on the complete line of boats that they offer, contact Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats, 91 Broad Common Road, Bristol, RI 02809 (401) 253‐7300 or visit their website at

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