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MYSTIC Powerboats - Posts Record Sales, Production, Growth

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Default MYSTIC Powerboats - Posts Record Sales, Production, Growth

DeLand, Florida, December 31, 2009 ... Today, MYSTIC Powerboats announced all- time-record-growth for the Year Ending December 31, 2009. The growth was realized both in units delivered and new boat orders in calendar 2009. “We are very fortunate”, said John Cosker, President, CEO and Owner of MYSTIC Powerboats. (MYSTIC Powerboats) “We’ve doubled our production…Currently, our 2010 model year boats are sold out. New orders now, are all for 2011’s.”


Earlier this year, it became clear that MYSTIC Powerboats’ customers would possibly wait a year to fulfill their 200+ MPH speed dream; but waiting 18-24 months was asking too much. The obvious solution was to double production which is just what John Cosker did. Increased production is coming on line in January. MYSTIC Powerboats will then become the largest manufacturer of 50’ High Performance Offshore Catamarans in the world.

"Even though we’ve had strong demand for smaller 40 to 44 foot boats, actually have design’s for a 42’ complete.” continues Cosker, “…that small a boat doesn’t satisfy the needs of our customers.” MYSTIC Powerboats’ customers want exotic power. One of our recent deliveries was for twin 1,700 HP, naturally aspirated V-16’s; while other customers want the near - 2,000 HP T-53 Turbine’s and even 3,000 HP t-55’s.

It’s this boat that is drawing worldwide demand and has supplied a full 2010 model year sellout. Scott Lowe, Production Forman at MYSTIC said it best, “The secret to filling this demand is finding good people…we’ve been able to find very qualified technicians, who were previously at other boat builders…our timing was perfect.”

MYSTIC Yachts…

MYSTIC Powerboats, beginning in 1996, has always been a company that could create anything the customer could dream of. Master “dream weaver” John Cosker says that the customer enjoys the build as much as the finished boat. In an upcoming issue of Yachts Magazine, MYSTIC SL700 (70 foot) Yacht Owner, Stew Leonard stated, “I kept dreaming of the perfect boat…I like the process of building it - - (to me) it’s like building a house - - but I can’t think of anything I’d change.” (Yachts Magazine)

MYSTIC’s Yacht business was propelled even further this year with the appearance of the sleek 12 passenger, 60+ foot, 3,000 HP, Surface Drive MYSTIC (custom built for Dave Callan). At the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show MYSTIC Yachts did not display this boat where prospective buyers thought; in the normal “hot boat.” area. This MYSTIC was centered in the middle of the prestigious Super Yacht (face) Docks. That was the idea. Display this 60+ foot, 80+ MPH, 3,000+ HP diesel powered, rapid transit-island hopper in the middle of all of the 17 knot, monster cruisers. Following the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, MYSTIC debuted the 60+ foot MYSTIC High Performance Yacht to the Poker Run community. This boat was chosen as one of the Pace Boats to run from Miami to Key West with the camera crew of the Florida Powerboat Club aboard. It was a smooth ride for the 12 people and crew aboard, at 70+ MPH, in 5-7 foot seas. This was just what MYSTIC needed to solidify its position in the high performance yacht industry.

The Future…

In 2009, MYSTIC Race Teams scored six (6) Regional, National and International records, a feat to be proud of. (Miss Geico Miami-to-Palm Beach) MYSTIC Powerboats is, of course, still in the race boat business. Team MYSTIC participants’ Aqua-Mania, AMF’s Miss Geico, Cintron, JBS and Nauti-Marine, dominated in 2009. Although, MYSTIC race teams won hard fought, long standing speed records, the lure of owning a 200+MPH MYSTIC (which in now the new standard) recreational boat-poker run boat is luring . ”Actually, the entire 2010 model year backlog is for recreational customers” states Cosker, “…it’s not that they want to turn 200 on every run, but THEY WANT TO KNOW THEY CAN!”

The easy to drive, ultra stable, ultra dependable 1,200 HP configuration is important too. The New MYSTIC C-5000S, 6 person, open top, (with an additional, partially enclosed 2 person sun lounge), is all new for the 2010 MYSTIC. Custom interiors are easy for car buff, John Cosker. “I just ask my customers to declare their favorite exotic car…Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron…they just choose the car, the model, the colors… and we will do it.” “Our Yacht experience has taught us that if you can dream it…we can build it.”, he concludes.

Doubling the Performance Cat production, ALL NEW recreational boats showing up at major events, 60 and 70 foot High Performance Yachts and 50, 60 and 70 foot Military Pursuit/Attack Vessels are all making a bright future for MYSTIC Powerboats. John Cosker finalized, “When you surround yourself with super sharp people, encourage their creativity and applaud their success… it’s very rewarding.”


About MYSTIC Powerboats,
MYSTIC Powerboats is the world leader in ultra high performance powerboats. Employing construction methods using epoxy resin, carbon fiber material and foam core, MYSTIC is the most advanced marine constructor in the world. MYSTIC Powerboats currently builds boats up to 70 feet in length and has crossed over into building a line of ultra high performance cruising ocean yachts. MYSTIC Powerboats is located in Deland, Florida and holds more top speed records over 200 MPH than any other offshore builder in the world. For Additional information/interviews, contact: Clay Ratcliffe, 386-589-8848 [email protected] or [email protected]

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