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Potter Performance Engine Inc. 1300/1500 HP Wet Sump Engine

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Default Potter Performance Engine Inc. 1300/1500 HP Wet Sump Engine

Potter Performance Engines Inc. of Bradenton Florida has just completed there new 1300/1500 HP Wet Sump Engine. The vast majority of high horse power marine engines are typically dry sump oiled. This type of oiling system is primarily used to gain every bit of horse power possible. Our years of experience in the high performance marine industry has taught us many things, including, if it can break it probably will.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a customer tell me, the oil pump belt just came off. Our philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible. The fewer parts needed the less chance one of them can fail. This is why all of our poker run engines are wet sump oiled. We design all of our own oil pans and now have our own custom billet oil pump. When Bob Christy of Typhoon service center asked me if we could build him a wet sump1300 horse power engine for his 44 MTI Speed Racer I said no problem. Bob was told by other engine builders this was impossible. So the challenge was on. We sat down and put together a plan, utilizing concepts and ideas that I had been thinking about for some time. Well, the engines were done and all that was left was Dyno testing. I contacted my old friends at Nor-tech to see if we could test these at there facility so there would be no question about the power numbers. After three days of mapping it was time to make a pull. The engines produced 1312 HP and 1125 lb ft of torque at 6200 RPM on pump gas. With a pulley change and race gas, these engines should produce around 1500 HP. We are always working on new ideas for the future and have to thank our many loyal customers for there support.

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