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MYSTIC Powerboats Doubles Production Capacity on its High Performance Catamarans

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Default MYSTIC Powerboats Doubles Production Capacity on its High Performance Catamarans

DeLand, Florida, March 29, 2010 ... MYSTIC Powerboats has doubled the production capacity on its high performance catamarans with additional molds, tooling and streamlined production techniques. “It was a tough choice”, stated John Cosker, President of MYSTIC Powerboats. “…we actually had several inquiries for smaller 42’s or 44’s (foot boats)…but, our 50’ recreational boat demand was so high, we had no choice. We had to double capacity…we started a second (parallel) line…now we can build for our race boat customers and our recreational customers side-by-side”

Product Demand…

MYSTIC doubles production to enable simultaneous building of race and pleasure boats…

MYSTIC Powerboats builds the fastest offshore race boats in the world. In 2009, MYSTIC Race Teams scored a record eight (8) regional, national and international championship titles. The need to create additional production molds thereby, doubling capacity, came from the MYSTIC dream to supply demand on the new consumer/poker run cats without disturbing existing race boat production. The new 50’ MYSTIC tooling has already enabled two (2) of the NEW six (6) man canopy boats and currently its launching the NEW MYSTIC Open Canopy six (6) man cockpit boat.

Each of MYSTIC’s recreational customers plan distinctly-different uses for their new on-water-rocket-ships. One customer will keep his boat at his South Florida home and with an occasional 200+MPH blast on any given day. Another, a European customer, is shipping his new MYSTIC C-5000S to the Mediterranean where he will literally offshore-pleasure-boat between France to Italy. A third is the NEW Open Canopy six (6) man configuration which will be on tour at selected high profile poker runs, boat shows and static displays in North America. The common thread between each of the NEW MYSTIC Recreational Customers is safety which is engineered into each boat from the race bread heritage that inspired it.

Product Transition…

MYSTIC adds tooling, smoothes production and increases productivity with new production processes…

“Each of our race cats are designed to dive into corners at extreme speeds followed by a 180-200 MPH straight-away-run...the stresses placed on the hull under those circumstances are immense”, states John Cosker. MYSTIC engineers each boat to match the intended use and stresses therein. The first question Cosker asks the customer is “…how fast do you want to go?” If the answer is “200+” then that hull design, structure and material choice is, every bit, designed as a full on carbon fiber race boat with an enclosed canopy and aircraft windshield. If the potential MYSTIC owner says: “a leisurely 150-175 MPH” then the MYSTIC design incorporates a proper structure and lamination schedule accordingly.

As an example, the MYSTIC Open Canopy Cockpit design incorporates an aircraft manufactured windshield, using unidirectional carbon fiber mullions providing a proper aircraft mounting support system without drilling holes. “We’ve been accused of overkill” continues Cosker, “but it’s the only way we know how to create unquestioned safety of our customers. You would be amazed at the number of MYSTIC customers who are buying the most advanced and engineered performance hull in the world; who say: ‘My wife wants to know that I am going to be safe’….we want to make sure that “she” is comfortable too.”

MYSTIC uses Mark Bishop’s Finite Element Analysis, for structural analysis and engineering…

On Saturday (busiest day) of the 2010 Miami International Boat Show, Cosker held a Safety Symposium with the MYSTIC Race Teams, Owners and Prospective Owners. Safety by Design” was the topic. The reason for this safety seminar was to empower MYSTIC customers with the distinct confidence that the MYSTIC hull, canopy, windshield and structure are designed to withstand stresses inherent in a 200+ MPH race boat. Additionally explaining how MYSTIC is transitioning that design into its NEW recreation based MYSTIC hulls. MYSTIC’s structural engineer, Mark Bishop, of Waterfront Composite Solutions said it best “…it’s rare that a manufacturer will pull in customers and industry professionals in a proactive manner without some kind of crisis. John (Cosker) has that continuing desire to improve the safety in his boats…we’re glad to be a part of that…”

Graphics, Interiors and Creature Comforts…

ICON Marine Coatings featured on 50’ MYSTIC at the Miami International Boat Show…

“The Audi R8 is the best example of what we are doing.” states Cosker, “The Audi R8 is a sports prototype race car that has evolved into the most advanced sports sedan on the planet…that’s our evolution…our C-5000S Recreational MYSTIC has the heart and soul of our C-5000R Race Boat.” The MYSTIC transition to recreational boats involves marine coatings, graphics/paint, interior products and designers.

John DeBellis, CEO, ICON Marine Coatings accompanied the ICON prepared MYSTIC at the Miami Boat Show…”Being the marine coating (paint) of choice for the MYSTIC display (boat) was a true compliment to our company…but, It wasn’t difficult to make the futuristic MYSIC shape glisten in the afternoon Miami Beach sunset. It was an amazing showcase for the recreational high performance boater and we were glad to be a part.” On a recent trip to the MYSTIC Factory, Dave Hunter of “Invisions”, one of America’s top performance painters, stated that he was flattered to have the opportunity to work directly with MYSTIC customers. “They are ultra discriminating and creative….This cat is being painted with the most advanced metallic pigment available…that’s the way the customer wanted it…and that’s what we are doing.”

Interiors are always a point of customer preference and subjective input. “The easiest way to satisfy our customers” continues Cosker, “is to merely ask them ‘what exotic car would you like the interior’ to become?” MYSTIC currently is building an interior for a customer that is patterned exactly a Ferrari Scuderia (scuderia is Italian for "stable of horses", but in this context its naming Ferrari’s motor racing teams) interior. When it became necessary to procure interior parts, the customer had to buy direct from a Ferrari dealer for his exact VIN number. MYSTIC customers are fanatical about quality, fit and finish.

Materials and Manufacturing Methods…

MYSTIC uses new space age materials, technical partners and improved process to increase technological advantage…

MYSTIC Powerboats is also looking deeper into the materials used in the construction of these their carbon fiber 200+ MPH marine-rocket-ships. MYSTIC is interested in weight reduction. Low weight translates into both speed and efficiency.

Manufacturers from both North America and Europe are being invited to show the best-of-the-best in their raw material offerings to MYSTIC Powerboats’ Technical Team. Suzanne Hofford, New Business Development Manager, JB Martin has been instrumental in bringing new and exciting carbon fiber materials to MYSTIC. “JB Martin’s association as a technical partner and materials supplier to MYSTIC is very exciting. They are taking leading edge materials, engineering and processing them in highly effective ways to create a world class performing Powerboat.

Our work with MYSTIC to provide the best materials for their leading edge boat has been exciting for us all. We look forward to pushing the envelope to discover what we can do on future developments!”

Production Manager, Scott Lowe, oversees testing of new production techniques on JB Martin Day at MYSTIC…

“Our job is to test the best that's out there,” states Scott Lowe, Mystic Production Manager, “…we have a great reputation in the race boat business and now we are transitioning into pleasure boats…we want the best materials we can find.”


“Now that we have the added production capacity”, declared Cosker, “my dream is offer our technological advantage to the high performance recreational boater who is looking for more…we have increased our capacity, improved our production methods, materials and technology….therefore we can improve the product we offer to our customers.” states Cosker…”for us, that’s the bottom line and it justifies the cost and effort to do it.”


About MYSTIC Powerboats,

MYSTIC Powerboats is the world leader in ultra high performance powerboats. In 2009, MYSTIC Race Teams, Aqua-Mania, AMF’s Miss Geico, Cintron, JBS and Nauti-Marine scored more regional, national and international records than any other boat builder; pulling 8 hard fought records away from competing performance manufacturers. Employing construction methods using epoxy resin, carbon fiber material and foam core, MYSTIC is the most advanced marine constructor in the world. MYSTIC Powerboats currently builds boats up to 70 feet in length and has crossed over into building a line of ultra high performance cruising ocean yachts. MYSTIC Powerboats is located in Deland, Florida and holds more top speed records over 200 MPH than any other offshore builder in the world.

For Additional
• Information
• High Resolution 300-600 dpi images
• Specific Interviews

contact: Clay Ratcliffe [email protected] 386-589-8848

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