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RGPLT1 08-01-2017 09:56 AM

Glastron GX225
I just bought this boat, 5.0L Volvo Penta, with a 14.5x19P three blade aluminum prop. I would like to move to a 4 blade SS. Does anyone have this boat and a prop suggestion?

BUP 08-12-2017 11:05 PM

Solas SS prop

Solas they make Volvo SS props for them so if you buy a Solas is a fraction of the cost compared what Volvo is selling..

bbladesprops 08-25-2017 11:20 AM

If you go SS, you will need to decrease pitch by 1" to maintain rpm.
Beware of Solas props as their QC and accuracy leaves a little to be desired. They can work well but Mercury castings are superior. We do offer Solas if desired and usually use them for unusual or older outboard set ups.


BUP 08-26-2017 01:38 AM

Info for Outboards is ---- Solas has been and still currently the prop maker for OEM Tohatsu and Nissan outboards also Honda outboards also Suzuki outboards and Suzuki concept outboards using special materials, also for a few of the current Evinrude outboard models as well.

Solas is OEM prop maker for all Volvo Penta SX outdrives. Also Volvo Penta owns Seven MArine outboards so I would wonder what brand of prop will be used for those apps - Prob it won't be Merc props.

Also Solas makes a few aluminum props for small Merc outboards. Also they are the OEM maker for Jet Skis S.S impellers.

Yamaha outboards owns Turbo Props for those outboards . Merc does not have the outboard prop market wrapped up at all except for their own brand only. Yamaha sells more outboards than Merc worldwide but in the USA it is very close who sells more outboards. One year its Yamaha the next year its Merc and so on.

For the money and NON High performance apps, Solas is hard to beat.

For Aluminum props IMO Solas offers better than what Merc has for that side of the coin

bbladesprops 08-26-2017 12:59 PM

Again Solas has its place. Engine manufacturers who do not have their own foundry need to purchase castings at a correct price point. So, Asian made products fit that price point. Cheap.
Seven Marine has been running Mercury Maximus propellers modified by BBLADES for years. With Volvo taking the reigns I suspect a change.
Yamaha bought Turbo 7-8 years ago to improve their prop line and to have their own foundry. Because their propellers were lack luster they figured Turbo could help. Currently inventory levels stink and have for years. We sell more Merc castings because they are available, run great, modify excellent and willretro to all manufacturers with the FloTorq hub system.
Just to be clear, every boat has its own personality and owner/operator demands. Each manufacturer makes some good products and on any given boat one or more styles of prop will perform the best. Test as many options as you can.
BBLADES makes our oun line of propeller completely manufactured in the USA. We are one only a few who actually heat treat our castings. Look for new models in 2018.


Warship2k15 08-26-2017 04:17 PM

I have had a GX235 with a 5.0gxi volvo.
i would like to ask what you are trying to gain.
if its getting on plane then while the four blade solus in 1 inch less will help it won't be a night and day difference.

I have seen good results on mine with large or double vent holes being added to a solus or lots of other four blade props while still retaining good cruising.

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