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MikeScarab28XLT 08-17-2021 04:13 AM

Mirage Plus not more uptodate ???
Hello im tinking about buying a new Set Mirage Plus.

Yes i use long years Bravo Props but i remeber the time most used props befor Bravo are Mirage, than Mirage Plus came out.
For 20 years most boats used 3 blade Mirage Props. Than the Bravo came out with "Mercruiser Bravo I" on it. Some years later "Mecury Marine Bravo I" on it and today many versions are available, LAB, ProFinish, LT, XS, OC, FS, XC......
If we testet Bravo Props from a Mirage we used -1" to the Bravo Prop. 25" Mirage to 24" Bravo, most of the time the Bravo are a little bit slower, but the all-round are better, so we stay most with the Bravo. But the Mirage are usaully faster.

Now i own 20 years same boat. 1991 V-Hull with first 454MAG, than 502EFI, now 525EFI twin engines Bravo Drive. Boat came with 454MAG and 25" Mirage and than i switched to Bravo Props 26" , 28"LAB with the 502EFI and than 29"LAB 31" LAB with the 525EFI engines. The 31" / 5200 and the 29" / 5400 on flat water 1mph diffrence.

" Thank you to BBlades, the 31" are very very nice Props !! "

The 31" to big on the flat water, with some white water i thing the engines can turn the props more and this are nice props für Poker Runs.
The 29" are my fastest props with this old non stepped hull.

My idea are the have a prop with less diameter and same pitch. Something like Hydromotive 15X29, but they are not to find for XR shafts.
But the old Mirage Plus last pitch are 15x29" but only 3 blade are new available. With the old -1" the 29" Mirage are like a 28" Bravo ore more like a 29" Lab Bravo ??????????

Now the question, what do you think ?

Mirage Plus 15x29" worth to test ? LH are 250$ new at time, 500$ the RH version.

Helmwurst 08-17-2021 08:32 AM

Where did you get those plastic prop cases? I could use about 6 of those.

MikeScarab28XLT 08-17-2021 10:20 AM

This are from systainer Tanos, Makita and some other firms use it for work maschines. Makita says Makpack 3 , 3 are the high I used. And old version not the new t-lock version.

Helmwurst 08-18-2021 07:44 AM

Thanks !

242LS 08-18-2021 01:53 PM

Very cool set up you have - and in great condition!

MikeScarab28XLT 08-18-2021 02:00 PM

Thank you, but what you think about the Mirage for a old V-Boat ?

Helmwurst 08-18-2021 05:22 PM

My non step 35 Fountain had those from the factory. Fountain modified them by taking off the polish and you can see where they used a grinder to give them more bite. They are very fast, but would loose bite in the turns. Best riding props I ever ran were the Hydromotive's, except the boat would fall off plane at 30MPH.

MikeScarab28XLT 08-23-2021 03:15 PM

No more ideas ??

I have ordert a set of 15x29" today. I have some space in RPM to go up to 5600 ore a bit more, without the revlimiter.
I hope to came in plane with the 3 blades with my -2" shortys.

outonsafari 08-23-2021 05:32 PM

That is a beautiful boat and you keep everthing very well maintained, i didn't realize you had it for 21 years let alone had gone thru 2 repowers up in hp every time.

come up on plane with minus 2 lowers, absolutely if the transom was not recut and drives already raised, it'll act different coming up and maybe, big maybe, it wont like steering or trim inputs at the just on plane speed.

How fast is it now ?
how about some video ?
didn't you experiment with some bottom work a while back ?
Any results of that bottom work ?

MikeScarab28XLT 08-24-2021 01:41 AM

Yes i testet to extend the inner strakes to the transom, to lift the boat more. We testet it on a 28" Commander with a 525efi. We came in plane, at max RPM the boat was faster. Than we slowed down and turned on the river and than we dont came in plane for the way home. One side from the strake extansion are off from the bottom. So we endet with this expiriment, because my frend selled the boat some weeks later and i removed all from the bottom.

pictures from 2016

Speed are 88 with the 31 and 89 with the 29" on flat water, with more waves it goes 90 and a little bit more.

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