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ragman 10-29-2013 02:50 AM

Originally Posted by Ing (Post 4018294)
My best friend had a 91 31 IMP he purchased new. These hulls give an amazing rough water ride. Project is awesome. Good luck!

Thanks for the nice feedback :)

ragman 10-29-2013 02:51 AM

Originally Posted by Sunrocket24 (Post 4018298)
Nice work!!! Keep up with the pictures!! Viper V10's!! Thats sick!!

Thank you, Much appreciated :)

ragman 10-29-2013 02:57 AM

Originally Posted by 315duramax (Post 4018308)
sweeeet looking boat you got there! only thing is how will the suede hold up to the water and weather?

Thank You :) The bolsters are made with Alcantara so it will work fine with water. The only downside is that when it rains they get soaked :) But i have also a set of custom made vinyl covers for when it’s really bad weather :)

ragman 10-29-2013 04:13 AM

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Here are some fun pictures and (maybe correct) info that Iíve heard from the previous owners in Finland and Sweden :)

From when the boat was used as a race boat, it was called Cheap Thrills and the driver and team was:
Ray "Grabber" Grabowski
Steve Fussell
Rich Schieferstein

And this is a picture from when it was a Finnish team who raced with it :)

ragman 10-29-2013 04:26 AM

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Some pictures from when we lay down a coat of the AWLgrip epoxy primer :)



ragman 10-29-2013 04:33 AM

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The result of when painted it with a special mixture of our gun metal grayish color.



ragman 10-29-2013 08:59 AM

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We couldn’t find any vents that looked good so we made our own with some help from a good friend of mine Jon Palmqvist who designed them.

The "home made" vents :)

ragman 10-29-2013 09:14 AM

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I had some problems with the measurements from the blueprint for the headers. It wasn’t exactly the same when we finally received the headers :)

So the easiest way to make it work was to modify the heads exhaust ports. :)

On these pictures I got enough clearance :)

ragman 10-29-2013 09:22 AM

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Started to build new flywheels.




Crude Intentions 10-29-2013 09:25 AM

Amazing work. Looking good.

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