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AIR TIME 06-20-2010 02:56 PM

Saber 101
SABER 101 I stole Gerrys 101 haha. well I should of taken pics last oct but forgot ,it would of been nice to show old trans cut out and new. so tomorrow I will show pics of transom with gimbal and box on. and will show parts going in to this a lot I figure 6 weeks from friday I should be in the water. we are picking up new motor friday from Gellners if the dyno does not break it:eek:. so I should have picks of it on the dyno no later than tuesday to post. what will take the longest time will be header tails was told about 2 weeks praying for that. 1st we need to set block in with heads blower might be off for ride home it will be in a van. once we get it lined up I will send pipe print out. all holes where filled in transom. but since motor is raised 3'' I don't know if straight tails would hit hull deck joint:eek: thats why we have to wait. once thats done we have coolers to find a home pulleys to check and see if gas tank is in the way that all falls in my 5 to 6 week plan. IF NEEDED GAS TANK WOULD BE remade with a L shape so part would be under back seat and part would be back in bilge. I would go from a 90 gal to a 120 I think it comes out to. or but to 60 or 70 gal saddle tanks on both sides of motor. in the fall after getting run time I plan on selling the bolsters a long with my new red ones from my baja if its too much money for PPI TO MAKE EITHER PAIR a little taller mine, wider on saber seats and taller on them with the in out look which I have on my red ones which I paid almost 3grand for. ppi said if I buy theres like I want 4 grand:eek:, so I would have to get 2grand for my red ones and 1500 for the silver ones, or see if he can do mods on one set seat only for a grand they need pics. I am doing this cause I have had a bad knee replaced, getting shoulders done and have 5 disks that can't be done or no boating or rough housing at all. also will mod the dash area to cut out and box in place to put your feet so you can lock yourself into the seats. also until I get the motor in I will not know if a race scoop will work or if I need to build a box scoop for the hatch which I did in the past thanks to MRV8OUTBOARD jeb:coolcowboy: . that guy can rig/race/build a boat from scratch. hope he gets back out racing in opa soon. so this is whats going on finally wish it was nov of last yr. well power should be about 1150hp, I will have belts to change so not to kill the konrad. and 4 blades not just 5 blade props. for speed if I am running 57 to 60 at 3500 I will be real happy and at 4000 65 to 71 that gives me slip of 15 to 12 % I mean if slip goes to 8% which would be nice its harder on the drive so as long as my slip stays 15% or lower great I SHOULD HAVE A TOP END OVER 100. my props are labbed for bow lift and are 30 px5 and 32 b1 hope to top out at 6400.

mrv8outboard 06-21-2010 07:22 AM

Artie, with all that power why raise the engine? Is it for the X dimension? If that is the case leave it lower in the boat and use a stand off box. The center of gravity with all that torque will be critical for handling. Also put it as far forward as you can. Then 380's mounted flat and it should run like it was on rails.

AIR TIME 06-23-2010 07:49 PM

well just made plans for ohio will be there friday afternoon, motor was broken in today with low boost made about 950hp, tomorrow will run again on pump gas 1st them a mix so it should make about 1100 plus on mix and 1000 plus on 93 and might run straight race to see what it has. so for playing around I will have a low boost pulley and a pokerrun/ race set up and then a kilo set up:evilb::evilb:. RIGHT NOW I AM REAL HAPPY:coolcowboy:. next week the fun starts a one working arm and leg guy me will be sweating my azz off with a smile. art

jdub 06-24-2010 10:33 PM

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Pics?...I got pics

AIR TIME 06-27-2010 01:39 PM

Originally Posted by jdub (Post 3144617)
Pics?...I got pics

arhhh thanks jon:coolcowboy:, with the new x jeb it will have gone from 14'' which was deeper than my baja to 17'' or 17 1/2'' which is what most of the hp single boats are running on average 17 to 18 1/2'' now that 4 and 5 blades are out and around. it will be at what konrad wants the prop shaft at 3''. it has a konrad box two. if its off and it seems to high I can lower the motor over the winter move box down a 1''. but I think lt will be fine . I should have pics tomorrow. I will start a lil thread tomorrow road trip adventures with party arty on GD:evilb:. Dean has quite a speed shop and 2nd business or building for rigging and DYNO room. The motor made 5 lbs boost = 1000hp at 6500rpm and climbing and made 850lbs tq around 4000 and up on pump gas. then with 8lbs of boost it made 1004hp at 5400 and 6600made 1114hp and still climbing to 1150 at 7000. but it will be chipped at 6500 red line. tq was 1000 at 4400 and was 900 at 6400rpm:evilb::evilb::evilb: that was with 93 pump gas and some oct booster. so my 32 b1 and 30 px5 prop might be to small. well now I need to dress it and we are going to measure for tails so as soon as the tails come in we are water testing shooting for 3 to 4 weeks. well going to rest it was a llllong trip after slick stinger blew me off to go boating hahaha. thats all right aia was running 80 to 90 all the way out and back had a semi in front of me last night early this morning:coolcowboy:. in my other post on gd I will tell about the day I spent with MR. G at the NATIONALS a lot of big guns now Dean and it was a blast!!! man can John Force talk loud and fast and was up set I didn't have a Ford blower motor:grinser010: well thats enough got to lay down and take a nap:party-smiley-004:

jdub 06-27-2010 01:51 PM

Hey Artie what's the gear ratio on your Konrad...might want to think about 1.36 gears for that bad boy.

AIR TIME 06-27-2010 02:27 PM

Originally Posted by jdub (Post 3145813)
Hey Artie what's the gear ratio on your Konrad...might want to think about 1.36 gears for that bad boy.

you always have good ideas:coolcowboy:, yeah that would work and can be done over the winter if needed. gears are 1.50 a 5 blade px5 is a big prop man if it spins to red line with 6 to 8% slip this boat will be in the teens. but I look into cost of gear change and new max 5 blade 32 or 34 and a px5 32 or 34. brett might be able to kick up the pitch to a 31. Dean just does not want it to spin to easy. so I will see when it hits the water most of my running will mostly be at 5000 or under if slip at 12 to 15% = 81 to 84 cruising and 3500 = about 56 to 60 cruising. thats with a px5. I hope the slip will be better = more speed than posted. my baja slip was 12 to 13%. what are your slip # john on the new boat

I'CE 07-02-2010 10:34 PM

Hey, buddy glad your on the move !

AIR TIME 07-03-2010 08:26 PM

this coming up week we will be busy, dean sent flywheel beat the drive plate from fl hardin marine paid for 3 day didn't show up:bigbird:, so once we get that motor will be set in place to see where plates go pulleys fit or not and header tails will be marked and sent out.praying by end of july to have tails. going to find out if a scoop will work to its close. mayhave 1'' on scoop and 1'' on pulley hope headers aren't to tall its all real close. pics coming

I'CE 07-07-2010 12:08 AM

Artie, so happityt for YOU !

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