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Markus 01-24-2021 04:23 AM

Gas cap for 28 Skater
At some point in its life in the hands of a previous owner, my new-to-me 28 Skater from 2001 lost the cap for one of the fuel fills.

The original invoice from Douglas Marine specifies high capacity fuel fills on the starboard side, but does not specify the manufacturer. I tried to contact Douglas Marine through their website, but did not get any answer.

Does anyone happen to know who made these?

It is for the original fuel fill for the port tank, and is not in use, so a block-off plate with the same screw pattern would be ideal. (I guess another fuel fill was added on the port side when the tanks were redone) The second option would be to get a gas cap, and the third option would be to replace the entire fitting with an identical one. (Second and third option would also require some glue in the threads to avoid accidents)

No photo attached, since I am not allowed to until I get to 10 posts. It says "GAS" on the rim in upper case letters.

(If anyone is interested, I am of course happy to share what I know about the history of the boat)

speicher lane 01-24-2021 08:00 AM

If you want to speak to Skater, it's almost certain you have to call to get someone - they are never slow and Peter himself, is very old school.

Yes, you need 10 posts... most people just send 10 short messages to get the count up to the magic number.

So, tell the history of your 28' in 9 posts so we can see the fuel fill that your boat was equipped with.

speicher lane 01-24-2021 08:01 AM

BTW, great boat.

Markus 01-24-2021 08:33 AM

All right - here we go
It is a great boat indeed. I have wanted one since I barrel-rolled a smaller single-engine cat many years ago. But that is another story.

So, I'll tell the story over eight posts.

Markus 01-24-2021 08:46 AM

Episode 1: Bill from Orlando
Back in 2000, Bill from Orlando realized that he needed a 28 Skater.

So, he faxed (20 years ago, people still used fax) Greg Gluck at American Offshore Marina in Dania, FL, and said that he was seriously interested and wanted the lowest price. Being a car dealer, Bill should have known that the "lowest price" thing doesn't really work. In any case, Bill and Greg spent the best part of the year 2000 going back and forth about the build, until Bill finally took delivery of a 28 Skater with race/pleasure lay-up on a Skater trailer in early 2001.

It was rigged with 300X engines. The folks at Lake X picked a pair of 15 x 34 Bravo 1 propellers.

Markus 01-24-2021 08:49 AM

Episode 2: Marc from Miami Beach
Despite all that effort put into the build, Bill only owned the boat for a little more than 2 years.

In June, 2003 Marc from Miami Beach bought the boat.

Markus 01-24-2021 09:02 AM

Episode 3: Markus goes to Fort Lauderdale
Back in May 2010, I was in Ft Lauderdale with my (then) wife and our baby son.

I tried to see the main sights in the area, so I went to in Pompano Beach and compared the straight hull sides of Skaters with the wavy hull sides of Nor-Techs, and visited Joe and Marty at Diamond Marine. They were kind enough to let me borrow a Lifeline jacket and a helmet. On subsequent trips to Florida, I remembered to bring my own.

I also went boating on the Ditch with Shawn in his 25 Motion, and Dave gave me a tour of his very nicely restored Skater that was hit by a garbage truck. You may remember that boat.

As we talked Skater, Dave told me about someone from Europe, maybe Sweden, who had bought a 28 Skater, but had had it re-rigged with 300 E-Tecs, because he wanted the European CE certification.

Markus 01-24-2021 09:12 AM

Episode 4: Magnus from Norway
That Norwegian with an affinity for e-Tecs out to be a gentleman named Magnus.

After having had the boat rigged with E-Tecs with Bob's nosecones by Dusky Boat Company in Dania, Florida, he had the Skater shipped to Norway.

At some point before leaving Florida, the tanks were replaced with aluminum tanks.

The boat kept the 34 inch Bravo 1s, which meant that top speed was limited by propeller pitch, and lived a leisurely life for many years in Norway. It also kept Florida license plates on the trailer.


speicher lane 01-24-2021 09:20 AM

I assume that it's your boat that is in the you tube vids of the Etecs??

Markus 01-24-2021 09:21 AM

Episode 5: Glenn from Norway
The next owner was Glenn from Norway. Glenn was a glass railing merchant who happened to also have a business in St Cloud, Florida. Maybe he came across a Skater there, and realized that he needed one back at home.

In any case, other than putting a sticker on the side of the cockpit with his name on it, and perhaps losing that gas cap, he did not do much to the boat, and he did not seem to have owned it for very long.

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